• Arccos has launched a limited-release Black Edition of its Link wearable.
  • Features are identical to the original green and black version.
  • Retail price is $129.99.

a photo of the arccos limited black link wearable

The paint-it-black line extension is nothing new to the golf equipment world. Club manufacturers often use black paint (PVD anyway) to keep product fresh into its second season on the shelves. It’s less typical for an accessory company to launch an all-black version of its product but that’s exactly what’s happening with the limited-release Arccos Black Edition Link wearable.

About the Arccos Black Edition Link

If you’re new to the Arccos Link wearable, the quick version of the story is that it’s a small, ultralight device that clips to your pocket or belt. It serves as an intermediary between your Arccos sensors and your phone, allowing successful shot tracking without the need to keep your phone in your pocket or wear a watch. The new version does the same thing, except its black.

The Arccos Black Edition Link is functionally identical to the green and black version already on shelves. The single button manages power and allows you to mark the location of the hole. I would have loved to see some added features (double-tap to add a putt is high on my list) but, even without any new enhancements, I suppose the all-black version could hold some appeal for golfers who want a less visible link or felt the green accents on the standard model clashed with their apparel scripting.

As with the majority of limited-edition releases, this one isn’t going to set the world on fire but, if you’ve been on the fence about Arccos Caddie Link, maybe the launch of a Black Edition will be just enough to push you over the fence.

an image of the Arccos strokes gained interface which work with the Arccos Black Edition Link wearable

Arccos Link On Course

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the Arccos Caddie Link since it launched and will attest that, when used as directed (worn on the lead side with the mic unobstructed), it works really well. Arccos misses significantly fewer shots (most noticeable on wedge shots out of moderate rough) and you don’t have to worry about that whole phone-in-the-pocket thing that some golfers simply couldn’t get past.

Toss in the not-too-long-ago overhauled Arccos Caddie interface featuring strokes gained and there’s a case to be made that for golfers looking for a more detailed understanding of their game, there’s never been a better time to give Arccos a try.

The retail price for Arccos Black Edition Link is $129.99. Use code MGS for 10% off.

It’s available exclusively from Arccosgolf.com.

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