It’s a devilish par 3 with a forced carry of 185 yards to a pin tucked just behind a bunker.

That’s what your eyes are telling you, anyway. But can your eyes be trusted? How accurate is the average golfer when it comes to estimating yardages?

Within 5 yards? 10 yards? 20 yards?

PGA Tour professionals hole roughly 41% of putts from 10 feet, but that number drops to 5% for putts greater than 25 feet. You might have pured that 6-iron approach, but if your eyes aren’t perfectly calibrated, it’s likely costing you strokes. The point is, it pays to be close and getting it close starts with knowing the distance to the flag.

To get a sense of how accurate average golfers are when they eyeball distances, MyGolfSpy headed out to the course to dig up some answers.

DISCLAIMER: We did have a bit more fun that was likely absolutely necessary.

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