It’s Open Championship week and for most of that means getting up stupid early, or waiting for the replay while hoping that nobody spoils the suspense.

The Open Championship also means it’s time for Mizuno to start releasing pics of their fall lineup. As has been the case the last couple of years, Mizuno has quiet about the tech and other actual information, but they’re more than willing to show off the product.

And why shouldn’t they be? It’s all just so damn pretty.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the Mizuno Forum this week, clean that goop out of the corners of your eyes, sit down, and take a quick look a that what is to come from Mizuno.

JPX-850 Driver

2 drivers small

Pics of the upcoming driver have been floating around since Luke Donald was seen testing it at The Player’s Championship. The tech story here could be compelling.

Clearly weight can be shifted along the sole, and one would assume that moves the center of gravity forward to back. Weight ports on both sides of the perimeter should, as the text clearly indicates, allow the driver to be configured with a fade or draw bias.

weight port small

The hosel is loft/face angle adjustable, and at the risk of stating the incredibly obvious, the damn head is blue.

Mizuno is going bold and I like it.

Mizuno generally releases metalwoods in the spring, but with the economics of the equipment industry being what they are right now, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mizuno release the JPX 850 this fall.

Driver smallDriver facecrown small

MP-15 Irons


Mizuno started messing with their numbering system last season (probably because the 50 series was getting ready to cross into the 60s), so what-follows-what isn’t as clear as it used to be. Still it’s barely a Phil Mickelson-sized leap to suggest that the MP-15 is the much anticipated follow-up to the MP-59. That TI Muscle Cavity sure does look familiar.

Has it really been 3 years already?

Bag Below

In my opinion, the MP-59s are an absolutely perfect blend of modern technology and traditional styling. It’s hard to image that Mizuno could have made them any better, but much like PING, Mizuno has a habit of making small performance gains with each and every release.

Who else is excited?

Bag TopMP MuscleMP-15 b


bag full

The H5s are a bit of an anomaly in Mizuno’s MP lineup. They’re broad-soled, they have thicker toplines, and if not for the clean and classic cavity styling, they’d look more the part of a JPX iron. They’re basically an entire set of utility irons.

Mizuno staffers will likely have a go with the H5 1 and 2 irons during The Open Championship.

Line up


MP-T5 Wedges


Mizuno generally offers up new wedges each season; alternative between T (tear drop) and R (round) series wedges. The T-series is up next, and while we’re certain there will eventually be a groove story, and hopefully a grind (as in multiple available) story as well, for now all we’ve got is a finish story (satin chrome and black carbon).


Coming Soon?

Our expectation is that new MP Irons and MP Wedges along with something new in the JPX iron lineup, will be available sometime in the September time frame. The JPX850 Driver, could go either way.

What do you think of what you’ve seen so far? Does a new Mizuno iron release excite you? And what about that driver…how do you feel about Mizuno’s bold choice to go blue?