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Props To Axis1 Golf!

If nothing else…we at least give the new Axis1 putter props for challenging the thoughts behind modern putter design. You see putter designers for years have known that the putters they are selling are out of balance…but they haven’t really done anything about it. Why you ask?

  1. Well one reason is they don’t care. This is because people buying putters don’t seem to care themselves. All you have to do is throw a few shiny weights around the perimeter of a new putter or hype up a couple new smoke & mirrors technological advances and a large percentage of golfing population will buy it…well assuming you tell them that it will help their putting…that is the secret! We are suckers for that line.
  2. The second reason…though hard to believe…is simple…they don’t know how to create a balanced putter. Part of the reason they don’t though is because we continue to buy the crap they put out. So their never forced to change their way of thinking. The saying didn’t become popular for no reason, “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”.

Golf Biz vs Cough Medicine Industry

I will give you an example of a similar industry, the “cough medicine industry”. For the most part not much has changed to the formula of cough medicine. None of them really fix your cold…but we still buy them. I know you might think different…but no matter what you take for that nasty cough…the amount of time you feel crappy will be the same whether you take it or not. So why are there literally 1000 choices when you go to the drugstore? Because the manufacturers know we will still buy it…they just have to tell us that there is 5% more of an ingredient in it that you have never heard or tell us it is “Maximum Strength” and we will buy it. Has the “maximum allowable strength” changed…no they just marketed it to you in a different way…and you buy it. So why would they actually try to change their formula for fixing our colds…that would cost money and why spend money when what you are selling keeps flyin’ of the shelves.

How Many Putters Have Made You A Better Golfer?

Yes…you guys might think putters are super cool nowadays…come in an array of different shapes and colors but don’t mistake any of this for useful technology. Or technology that will make you a better putter…because it won’t. If putters nowadays really did what they said, then why do they design a new one every year? Because you think it will be even better then the one they said was the “best” the year before. In golf club design…there really has not been that much that has changed. Yes, we can move some weights around and the most club heads have gotten bigger and squarer but nothing groundbreaking has changed like in other industries. Oh you say well what about titanium…well that’s just a fancy word for metal…and it was around a long time before we started using it in golf clubs.

Kudos Axis1 Golf!

So…Kudos to Axis1 Golf! We commend you for trying to change the way both designers think and golfers buy putters. We always love to see the little guy push the envelope of technology in golf club design. Even though it is almost inevitable that one of the major manufacturers will reverse engineer your idea and steal your claim to fame.

axis1 putter

axis 1 putter

axis putter 2009


We tested the the Axis1 putter this weekend and we were very impressed…it putted exceptionally well. The strange shape which we assumed would be a major distraction at address was very comforting and built confidence at the same time. The balance that you feel through your stroke almost makes your fearless at attacking the hole…no matter if you are standing over a 4-footer for birdie or a 25-footer to save par. Great putter Axis! Only complaint would be the weight and the casting. The putter came out a little on the light side and for being a cast putter the price tag for consumers is a little pricey. But overall we loved it here at MGS. We will be looking for you at the 2009 PGA Show and we wish you luck next year.