Starting tonight at 9 PM on the Golf Channel, Wilson Golf’s Driver vs. Driver 2 is about to get interesting.

Very interesting.

Driver vs. Driver 2 debuted a month ago with 13 contestants and their driver designs. That list has since been whittled down to just four: Cortex, Magnus, Roswell, and Launch Pad. Tonight’s episode takes on a unique MyGolfSpy-focused tilt, as MGS owner/sensei Adam Beach and MGS Director of Testing Sam Robinson will be featured judges as they test, critique and give their #Datacratic take on the the final four.

And if you tune in, there’ll be a little something-something in it for you (A Year’s Supply Of Wilson Golf Balls).

Watch & Win

Starting tonight (Golf Channel, 9 PM Eastern), and running through the November 13th finale of Driver vs. Driver 2, MyGolfSpy and Wilson Staff are offering you chances to win some pretty cool stuff, including the winning driver itself. All you have to do is watch.


  • Every Tuesday We Will Post 2 Contest Questions
  • Watch The New Episode
  • Come Back & Answer The 2 Questions (Have Until Friday)
  • Answer Correctly To Be Entered
  • Win Prizes! (Including The Winner of Driver vs. Driver 2)

So it’s watch, listen and respond.


And what do we have as prizes? The Episode 5 winner will receive a year’s supply (6 dozen) Wilson Staff golf balls, the Episode 6 winner gets a customized, stamped Wilson Staff PMP wedge and for the finale, Episode 7, the winner will receive the winning driver from Driver vs. Driver 2.

  • EPISODE 5 – A Year’s Supply Wilson Staff Golf Balls
  • EPISODE 6 – Custom Stamped Wilson PMP Wedge
  • EPISODE 7 – Winning Driver from Driver vs. Driver 2

This contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada who watches the last three episodes of Driver Vs. Driver 2.


So for tonight’s episode, our questions come straight outta MyGolfSpy:

  • With which two drivers did Adam achieve the highest smash factor results?
  • Which driver did Sam say the younger generation would be likely to pick up off the rack?

Nail those two, and you could wind up with a year’s supply of Wilson Golf Balls.

Remember, you’ll have to watch tonight’s episode of Driver vs. Driver 2 to find the answers, and to get a close up look at how GolfSpies test and evaluate golf equipment. As always, it’s #datacratic.