After just a couple of episodes and a longer than expected hiatus, we’re bringing back the MyGolfSpy podcast. We’ve got a new format, which I’d like you to think of an invitation for you to listen in to the kinds of conversations we have every week at MyGolfSpy. Each episode we’ll be talking to someone from inside the equipment industry, though we may go off script and touch on other areas of the game as well. Fair warning, from time to time we may go a little inside baseball, maybe dive deep into the weeds from time to time. Would you expect anything less from MyGolfSpy?

We hope you enjoy the new format and come away from each episode a bit more knowledgeable about the golf equipment industry and the products it produces. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, or special guests you’d like to invite to join us for an episode, by all means, reach out and let us know.

A Conversation with Chris Voshall from Mizuno Golf

Our guest on Episode 1 is Mizuno’s Chris Voshall. Chris has worked in the golf equipment industry for nearly 15 years. As an engineer, he was responsible for creating or helping to create some of the most popular designs among MyGolfSpy readers. In his new role as Brand/Product Manager, he’s tasked with help charting the course for the Mizuno Golf brand. In our 37 minute conversation, we managed to cover quite a bit from Chris introduction to the game, the path that brought him to Mizuno, where he hopes to take the brand moving forward, and plenty more in-between.


  • 1:15 – How Chris got into golf
  • 5:25 – Chris’ memorable first club design
  • 9:45 – The Mizuno difference
  • 11:10 – Technology vs. Specology
  • 13:00 – What Chris would play if Mizuno didn’t exist
  • 16:35 – How often should golfers buy new clubs
  • 18:30 – Mizuno on tour
  • 20:30 – Taking the handcuffs of Mizuno drivers
  • 26:00 – What is it about JPX919 irons that could be better for you
  • 29:10 – Does Mizuno hate lefties
  • 35:20 – Expanding Mizuno’s North American Catalog
  • 36:50 – Will Mizuno return to the PGA Show in 2019