• The new Vessel Lux Cart Bag Color Way has a seven-way or 14-way combo.
  • It offers waterproof zippers and wipe-dry “tour-grade” synthetic leather.
  • Three color-way options

NEW: Vessel Lux Cart Bag

If you pay attention, you will see Vessel golf bags on Tour every week. Now they are designing cart bags for the rest of us.

Vessel offers six stand bags, two cart bags and four staff-sized bags. But what made Vessel our No. 1 and No. 2 2022 Most Wanted Stand and Cart bag is the attention to detail.


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The Lux Features

The Lux Cart Bag has a new color way that might grab your attention. It now comes in “coast” which is a nod to San Diego’s blue sky and ocean. The bag has the following features:

  • Magnetic, microfiber-lined pocket pod that fits over the cart strap
  • Two forward-facing zip pockets
  • Two expandable water bottle sleeves with drainage
  • Large, cooler-lined pocket with drainage for increased beverage storage
  • Premium waterproof zippers with water-repelling gussets
  • Two antimicrobial-lined personal pockets for easy use on either side of a cart
  • Padded single strap
  • Padded back grab handle
  • Modern hook-and-loop umbrella holder
  • Dual-purpose towel ring/bottle opener
  • Matching body material rain hood
  • Removable ball pocket panel for personalization
  • Neoprene cart strap sleeve

These are just some of the features of the Lux Cart Bag but where Vessel golf bags shine above the rest is the small details. For example, their water bottle holders are at the front of the bag on either side of the ball pocket. But they’re hard to notice because they fold down to follow the smooth lines of the bag when not in use. When you want to use them, they expand fully to fit a 20-ounce water bottle.

Another small but important detail is the handles to the side of the dividers. The handles are offset from the dividers and are high enough to get your hands under without touching the dividers or clubs. This small design change is often designed wrong. I see it every year when testing golf bags. Companies have the handles too low without offsetting them from the dividers which often leads to your hands getting scraped or not being able to get your hand under at all when lifting your bag onto the cart.

Lux Cart Pricing

The Lux Cart Bag will set you back $415 but, in my opinion, with their “tour-grade” synthetic leather and attention to detail, it’s worth every penny.

If you want to dive a little deeper, check out the Vessel Lux Cart at Vesselbags.com.




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