Srixon Q-STAR Golf Balls – Key Takeaways

  • Srixon releases the sixth edition of its two-piece Q-STAR.
  • Lower compression than the previous model
  • $26.99 per dozen. Available starting today.

If all you take is a quick glance, the new, sixth edition of the Srixon Q-STAR golf ball isn’t all that different from the fifth edition. If you take a deeper dive, you’ll find your first glance is pretty much correct.

We’re talking about your basic two-piece ionomer-covered golf ball here. To its credit, Srixon packs an acceptable amount of technology into those two pieces. But realistically, the Q-STAR is what it is: a firmer, higher-spinning alternative to the decidedly softer $20 to $25 per dozen ionomer balls.

That makes it a “premium” two-piece ionomer-covered golf ball. That also makes it an oxymoron but we’ll tackle that later.

Srixon Q-STAR golf balls

Srixon Q-STAR Golf Balls

Don’t mistake the Q-STAR for its three-piece, urethane-covered cousin, the Q-STAR TOUR. That’s the urethane ball that’s been getting the two-toned DIVIDE treatment. This new edition of the Q-STAR has two key changes—Srixon calls them upgrades—from its predecessor.

First off, Srixon decided to make the Q-STAR softer, with compression dropping from 77 to 72. To get there, Srixon is using its latest FastLayer Core technology. To risk oversimplification, the FastLayer Core is kind of like a Tootsie Pop. Firmer on the outside and softer on the inside.

Srixon is part of the global tire giant Sumitomo and, like Bridgestone, leverages its corporate rubber know-how. Through variances in formula and in curing time and temperature, FastLayer Core actually acts like a core that has thousands of really thin layers. The inner softness promotes lower spin and a softer feel. The outer hardness helps with ball speed.

The other change (not sure it qualifies as an upgrade) is a new enhanced alignment line. It’s pretty much the same alignment line that’s on the 2020 Q-STAR TOUR but it’s the first time appearing on the Q-STAR. So I guess it’s notable.

Srixon Q-STAR golf balls

Spin Skin and Dimples

The new Q-STAR golf balls also feature the latest iteration of Srixon’s Spin Skin technology with SeRM which stands for Slide Ring Material. Spin Skin is a coating Srixon applies to enhance spin, particularly on partial shots around the green and from the rough. SeRM first made its appearance with the 2019 Z-STARs. It features a cross-linked molecular structure and increases friction even further while enhancing the durability of the coating.

The last Q-STAR version (released in June 2019) featured Spin Skin with SeRM. But it’s reasonable to presume the latest Spin Skin evolution from the 2021 Z-STARs has trickled down.

Srixon Q-STAR Golf Balls

The Q-STAR also features the same 338 Speed Dimple pattern as the previous version. Srixon says FastLayer works in tandem with Q-STAR’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern for immense distance gains.

That, friends, is a direct quote from the press release.

Srixon Q-STAR Final Thoughts, Price and Availability

If you like ionomer balls, the Srixon Q-STAR will make you happy. It’s not a premium Tour-level ball and it’s not even a sub-premium urethane ball (like the Q-STAR TOUR) but it’s a decent ball. Its most direct competitor is the Bridgestone e12 Contact and others in the aforementioned “premium” ionomer category. The appeal to this category is a performance upgrade over plain-Jane two-piece ionomer balls with pricing lower than sub-premium urethane balls.

But direct-to-consumer brands Snell and Vice and kinda-sorta DTC brand MaxFli sell higher-performing urethane balls at close to the same price when bought in bulk. So it’s fair to ask if we need the “premium” ionomer category? The appeal seems to be lower compression and lower driver spin. While that doesn’t necessarily equate to more driver distance, it can mean the difference between the right rough and the right forest.

The new Srixon Q-STAR golf balls are available online and in stores starting today. They’re available on both Pure White and Tour Yellow and will retail for $26.99 per dozen.

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