COBRA LTDx Fairway Woods and Hybrids

COBRA LTDx Fairway Woods and Hybrids

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COBRA LTDx Fairway Woods and Hybrids

When any brand launches a new family of metalwoods—in this case, the COBRA LTDx—the blueprint remains largely the same. Put another way, manufacturers generally apply whatever technology makes sense, either from a story-telling or performance standpoint, in the accompanying fairway woods and hybrids.

It’s also no secret that sell-through of fairway woods and hybrids depend a good bit on the retail success (or lack thereof) of the driver. So, while fairway woods and hybrids deserve some individual attention, the familial context is just as important.

COBRA LTDx Fairways

The COBRA LTDx drivers are the hopeful reboot of the original LTD drivers. And the inherent challenges of sequels are noted though it’s fair to point out that the original LTD fairway launched in 2015.

That aside, the performance objectives of the COBRA LTDx fairway woods and hybrids aren’t the same as the drivers; still, COBRA believes this iteration is more Godfather Part 2 than Jaws 2.

Citing COBRA’s consumer survey data, golfers don’t necessarily want to hit fairway woods (or hybrids) farther. But they do want accuracy and consistency. That sits in contrast to a lot of the repetitive noise we hear which promises golfers some legally acceptable amount of increased distance.

Sure. Fine. Whatever. And I totally get it when it comes to driver discussions. It’s the single club in the bag that doesn’t have a speed limit.

But remove the driver and putter and what you’re left with are 12 clubs, each with a specific job. Or think of those 12 clubs as relatively evenly spaced fence posts. What’s happens when you move one post? That’s how people end up with several clubs that go more or less the same distance.

Additionally, it brings up a good question: What do you want or need out of a fairway wood? Or hybrid? Probably a safe bet that you haven’t spent too much time pondering that recently. Maybe you should. We all should.

COBRA LTDx Tech Overview

The two keystone pieces of technology carried over from the LTDx drivers are PWR-CORE and H.O.T. Face Technology.

The purpose of PWR-CORE is the same in the fairway woods and hybrids as it is in the LTDx driver. That is, push weight low/forward to help increase ball speed and drive down spin. The primary difference is that the fairway wood version of PWR-CORE is a single layer as opposed to the multiple layers in the driver. Also, COBRA utilizes a carbon-crown construction to free up several additional grams which it moves around depending on the specific model. More on that in a minute.

H.O.T. FACE (Highly Optimized Topology) is a story of consistency under the guise of precision-tuned speed. COBRA’s previous face tech, E9, offered variable-face-thickness built around the typical elliptical impact pattern of golfers (low heel to high toe).

H.O.T. FACE utilizes 15 discrete thickness pads (E9 had three) to maximize CT across a larger percentage of the face. Each pad can be fine-tuned for location, size, thickness—all elements that ultimately impact ball speed.

So it’s not that COBRA is hell-bent on trying to win some sort of home-run derby. The objective is a fairway wood design that’s consistently faster regardless of impact location.


The fairway wood and hybrid naming conventions are in line with the drivers. You’d think this would be standard operating procedure but that’s not always the case.

With that, the LTDx LS fairway wood is the model that generates the lowest spin and highest ball speed. It has the largest footprint (162cc) and tallest face (31mm). By mass properties alone, it’s not for everyone. In fact, COBRA puts the number at +/- 10 percent of golfers. In addition, the LTDx LS features two weight ports on the sole, one in the heel and the other towards the toe. The two weights (12 gram and three gram) can be swapped to fine-tune trajectory and shot shape.

The 3-wood maintains the silhouette of previous COBRA LTD, ahem, Big Tour models. The higher-lofted LTDx LS 5-7-woods are more compact Tour designs and include baffler rails to improve turf interaction. Speaking of the Rickie Rails (my term), COBRA is reserving those for the 5-7-woods in the other models as well.


On the other end of the spectrum is the LTDx MAX fairway wood. It’s the dedicated draw-biased model. At address, it looks virtually identical to the LTDx which is COBRA’s neutrally weighted, middle-of-the-bell-curve offering. Flip both models over and it’s a different story.

The LTDx features a single eight-gram weight that is situated low/rear to help boost MOI (forgiveness). Conversely, the LTDx MAX has an additional three-gram weight in the heel. The heel weighting helps golfers who fight a slice (or prefer more of a draw ball flight) to square the face at impact.

COBRA is also releasing a women’s specific LTDx MAX fairway wood. It offers the same shape, materials, and technology of the standard LTDx MAX, albeit in different lofts.

Finally, all LTDx fairway woods use COBRA’s MyFly8 adapter that increases/decrease loft by 1.5 degrees.


One head shape. Five lofts. Three key pieces of technology.

Let’s start with the techy stuff because we’ve already covered most of it. The PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE are copy and paste. The hybrid is a different shape and volume so the exact design and specifications are altered but the premise remains the same. The PWR-COR pulls weight forward and the H.O.T. face helps optimize ball speed across the face.

As opposed to the 475 stainless steel face insert in the fairway woods, the LTDx hybrid features a forged L-cup face design. This is the first mainline COBRA hybrid to do so. File that little nugget somewhere safe. Or use it frequently in casual conversation. Your call.

The L-cup offers two clear benefits. The first is that, because it’s a single piece, the lower portion of the face tends to be more responsive, generating up to 17 percent more flex according to COBRA. More flex means more speed. Also, COBRA engineers modified the leading-edge radius, increasing it to 15 degrees. Think of this like the amount of bounce on your sand wedge. The additional bounce makes it less likely for the leading edge to dig and get stuck in the turf.


COBRA is releasing an LTDx ONE Length hybrid as well as a women’s specific LTDx. The ONE Length matches the specs of COBRA’s ONE Length irons. And as with the fairway woods, the women’s specific model features COBRA’s Black/Elderberry colorway and modified lofts.

Before we go, let me offer you another fun factoid. COBRA One Length hybrids outsell its standard-length hybrids by a fair bit. I don’t have any evidence to support this but my hunch is as follows. For most golfers it makes sense to ditch long irons in favor of hybrids or higher-lofted fairway woods. A shorter-than-typical hybrid is just novel enough that you must try it before you purchase the traditional-length hybrid. Because it’s the length of your 6- or 7-iron, you make more consistent contact without giving up much (if any) distance. And because it’s a hybrid, golfers are less inclined to get hung up on aesthetics. Done deal.


Stock shafts for the COBRA LTDx fairway woods include the lightweight UST Helium Nanocore (high launch, high spin), HZRDUS Smoke iM10 (mid launch and spin) and the Mitsubishi Tensei AVI RAW White (low launch, low spin).

Men’s colorways include Gold Fusion (black with matte satin black crown) and Peacoat Blue/White (red accents, gloss crown). The women’s version is available in Elderberry with a gloss black crown.

The LTDx LS is available in 3W/14.5 degree and 5W/17.5 degree models. The LTDx is available in 3W/15 degree, 5W/18.5 degree, and 7W/22.5degree models. The LTDx MAX is available in 3W/15.5 degree, 5W/18.5 degree and 7W/22.5 degree models. The women’s version is available in 3W/18.5 degree, 5W/22.5 degree and 7W/25.5 degree models.

Retail price for the COBRA LTDx fairway wood is $299.

Stock shaft for the COBRA LTDx hybrid is the KBS PGI graphite (50, 60, 70 and 80).

Men’s colorways include Gold Fusion (black with matte satin black crown). The women’s version is available in Elderberry with a gloss black crown.

The LTDx hybrid is available in a 2H/17 degree, 3H/19 degree, 4H/21 degree, 5H/24 degree and 6H/28 degree models.

The LTDx ONE Length hybrid is available in 3H/19 degree, 4H/21 degree and 5H/24 degree models. The women’s version is available in 4H/21 degree, 5H/24 degree, 6H/28 degree and 7H/31 degree models.

Retail price for the COBRA LTDx hybrid is $249.

Retail availability begins Feb. 11. Available for Pre-Order now.

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Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

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Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

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Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

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Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

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      1 year ago

      I’m curious. No Big LTD.


      Tony Covey

      1 year ago

      What was the Big Tour is effectively the LTDx LS 3-wood. Likewise, the LTDx 5-wood is what was the small tour 5w in previous generations.


      Hayes W

      1 year ago

      Nice write-up. Every year I hope Cobra will expand their hybrid offerings to include a smaller headed “pro” or “better player” model like some of the other OEMS for those who fight the lefts with a hybrid. Doesn’t appear the business model supports one this year ether…



      1 year ago

      I’ll stick with my refitted F9 driver and 3 wood. Plenty happy with those.


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