Bettinardi 2024 BB Putter Line

Bettinardi 2024 BB Putter Line

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Bettinardi 2024 BB Putter Line
  • Bettinardi is updating their BB line for 2024 with seven new and classic models.
  • This is the first putter line to feature Bettinardi’s new Perpetual Flymill face milling.
  • Each model is milled in the USA from 303 stainless steel. 
  • Available for pre-order Nov. 21 with a MSRP of $450.

Death, taxes and Bettinardi sticking to their two-year putter release cycles are the only things we can really count on in these ever-changing times. Now that two years have passed since Bettinardi updated their BB putter line, the 2024 models are hitting shops soon.

Putter collectors and Bettinardi fans know the biennial update is coming but we never really know what to expect. The BB putter line may be Bettinardi’s most foundational line of putters but history shows they are not afraid to tweak the recipe when a new update launches.

Bettinardi BB-1 Putter Models

For example, check out the 2014 and 2016 BB-1 putters above. While this refresh did feature a neon green cosmetic shift, it also involved a fairly significant neck alteration as well. Both models carried the BB-1 name but they were unique versions of the design.

Even if some of the BB series putters are core Bettinardi designs, they evolve with every release. Let’s explore what’s changed and what’s new with the 2024 BB line.

2024 Bettinardi BB Metal Modification: New Face Milling

Bettinardi BB-28SB Putter Face

Let’s face it: A company can’t just roll out the same thing every time and call it new. Something needs to actually be new. The 2024 Bettinardi BB line is the first to feature Bettinardi’s new Perpetual Flymill face milling. In 2022, Bettinardi started producing the BB line from 303 stainless steel. The faces of those putters were milled with “aggressive” milling to promote a softer feel.

The larger tuna pattern of the Perpetual Flymill face looks somewhat like the 2022 pattern but it is the result of a brand-new machining process. One advantage of the new face milling is that it is very uniform across all of the model faces. This is quite the achievement since not all of the faces have the same shape. Overall, the pattern is very consistent and lacks some of the roughness of the previous model’s aggressive milling.

The other selling point touted by Bettinardi is that the new face features “sonic optimization.” Sonic optimization is all about auditory feedback. Ideal impact produces a distinct tone, letting you know immediately if you struck the ball with a less-than-ideal part of the face. The putter wants you to hit the sweet spot and tells you when you don’t.

2024 Bettinardi BB Metal Modification: Move Metal to Move CGs

Bettinardi BB-1 Putter Cavity

The wizards at Bettinardi have cast a shape-change spell on their new putters. The new Bettinardi BB line features tweaked geometries in the bumpers, shoulders and cavities. Why would they do this? The goal was to position the center of gravity in a more natural position at address. By doing so, you should have an easier time making contact with the putter’s sweet spot.

This new feature is a little tough to directly observe. I left my micrometer on my other keyboard. Snarkiness aside, to a model, the new BB models feel extremely balanced during the swing. Even the models that are incompatible with my swing mechanics still feel balanced.

That’s an odd statement, I know. After my putter fitting at Studio B last summer, I know what type of design fits my stroke and what does not. I’m good with the BB-1 but my swing will fight the BB-8F. That said, the BB-8F felt really good rolling balls. Not that I could put balls in holes but putting felt great as I missed. There may be something to the CG shift plan.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB Aesthetic

2024 Bettinardi face and shaft

I do love that Bettinardi is not afraid of mixing up the aesthetic of their BB line. In 2020, the BB putters were matte black with red, white and blue paint. In 2022, the BB putters were a muted, almost depressing, gray finish with white and gray paint.

Aesthetic risks with the BB line are nothing new for Bettinardi. I loved the alien green and matte silver shaft look back in 2016 but not everyone shared my opinion.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB putters delightfully dance the cosmetic line between the bold and the basic. The Black Pearl PVD finish and Black PVD shaft are darkly conservative in appearance. However, Bettinardi has paired that rich darkness with bold blue paint and a bright blue grip.

2024 Bettinardi grip and shaft

About that grip. This new Lamkin grip is my second-favorite thing about the new BB line. The new electric blue grip is striking to look at and feels amazing. It has a deep-etch shape without the texture or slots.

Normally, a putter grip doesn’t earn a “Wow!” reaction from me but this one did. The new grip is a marriage of the Lamkin shape with the feel produced from a Pure Grip and Iomic putter grip copulation. (Some of you will get that.) For the rest of you, the grip has a balanced combination of texture, shape and squish. It’s a delight and the blue is for sure electric.

The Bettinardi 2024 BB Models

2024 Bettinardi BB models

The 2024 Bettinardi BB putters are all milled from 303 stainless steel. As I mentioned, each putter features the new Perpetual Flymill face and performance-improving center of gravity shift.

All these new BB models come with a leather and carbon-fiber head cover that stays closed via magnets. Yep, magnets. Bettinardi has made the switch from Velcro to magnets. Lab testing (aka me opening and closing the head cover a lot) shows the closure to be tight with the magnets connecting with a welcome ferocity.

Let’s take a look at the 2024 BB models. I’ll share with you the descriptions from Bettinardi (in italics) and then add info from my play/testing experiences.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-1

Bettinardi 2024 BB-1

Building upon years of American-made craftsmanship, Robert J. Bettinardi has refined his timeless BB1 putter to further enhance its performance. Made in the U.S.A. from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel, the pocket of the new BB1 is milled slightly closer to the heel, resulting in a more balanced center of gravity. Precision-milled to 350 grams with a crowned topline and refreshed bumpers and shoulders, this putter provides players with the perfect optics at address. Our new Perpetual Flymill face milling offers supreme feel and audio feedback and an easily achieved true roll on the green. Through decades of innovating upon a timeless design, the BB1 is RJB’s modern mastery of a classic blade head shape.

The BB-1 is the iconic Anser-style blade in the new BB series. This is the putter we expect to see every release. The BB-1 is no doubt the popular kid at putter school.

As I showed you in the picture above, Bettinardi still fearlessly tweaks the BB-1 design each release. For 2024, the new reshaping scheme moves the CG to a more natural position.

On the green, I would characterize the 2024 BB-1 as immediately familiar and comfortable. Impact is crisp and predictable. This is the putter that people new to the Bettinardi brand will probably pick up first since its appearance is recognizable.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-8F

Bettinardi 2024 BB-8F

Over a decade since its last appearance, the BB8 Flow applies Tour-inspired feedback to a classic blade head shape. Milled in our Tinley Park, IL headquarters, the center of gravity is balanced by making the toe 10% larger than the heel. This counter- balances the mass added by the flow neck, which melts effortlessly into the putter head and gives the BB8 Flow about 3/4 toe hang to perfectly supplement a putting stroke with maximum arc. This heel-toe-weighted blade provides confidence over every putt with its flat topline, lean profile, and bold Black Pearl PVD finish. Featuring our new Perpetual Flymill Face, the BB8 Flow is for the golfer seeking a traditional blade putter with modern refinements, supreme feel, and remarkable control.

The return of an older model is always welcome in a new line. I had to dig a bit but I found the previous 2011 BB-8F in the Bettinardi Putter Archive. We’ve had other BB-8 models in subsequent BB releases but not one with the flow neck until now.

Compared to the BB-1, the BB-8F is boxier. Where you find rounded bumpers and edges in the BB-1, you find right angles in the BB-8F. Ultimately, which looks better comes down to personal preference. It’s the “Anser versus Anser 2/Newport versus Newport 2” debate.

The one solid fact about the BB-8F is that if you need more rotation in the putter head, the flow neck will give you what you are looking for.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-1 Wide

Bettinardi 2024 BB-1W

The BB1 Wide was designed by RJB with a refined profile based on feedback from Tour players seeking a more forgiving putter with the classic blade-style head shape. RJB engineered the BB1 Wide with an improved center of gravity by taking more material from the heel while compressing the heel-to-toe length. This refinement also resulted in a more uniform head shape allowing for simple setup and alignment. The BB1 Wide stands out as our first production putter with a soundslot through the flange, which combined with our new Perpetual Flymill face results in superior audible feedback and masterful control on every putt.

In every new line of putters I review, there is always one I become emotionally attached to. For the 2024 BB line, it’s the BB-1 Wide. As soon as I saw it and rolled it, I knew the BB-1W was going to live in the “gamer” part of my garage.

I could tell you it was the wide shape that drew me in or maybe the first feel of that new blue grip but it was definitely the sound slot. I love the feel and sound of putters with sound slots. For me, putters with slots typically have “appropriate pop.” Adding the slot produces an ideal mixture of feedback, tone and distance.

While the balance and performance of the new BB line was impressive overall, the BB-1W was the standout for me. Putting with the BB-1W feels like I am gently tossing balls across the green from my right hand. The putter integrates with my swing so well it’s like it’s not even there.

Lefties will have to love the BB-1W as well since it is the only left-handed model being offered.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-28SB

Bettinardi 2024 BB-28SB

After a successful debut in the last BB line, RJB took his BB28 back to the workshop for some artful and game-changing modifications resulting in the newly refined BB28 Slotback. The new and improved wide-body blade is slightly more compact, with shortened heel-to-toe and pocket lengths, while also featuring taller muscles and bumpers. The slotback milled from the flange serves as a natural alignment aid, allowing you to frame the ball perfectly at address. The near-face-balanced BB28 Slotback has a single bend shaft that flows seamlessly into the spud neck, providing a three-quarter shaft of offset for simple setup and a consistently effortless putting stroke.

Some of you will recognize the BB-28SB from Bettinardi’s XXV Anniversary Series. Reminder: We have two more XXV models left this year and, no, I don’t know what they are. Check back after Thanksgiving for the XXV Anniversary 11th model.

If you read my XXV BB-28SB review, you already know that adding the slot back to the BB-28 completely changed my opinion of the head. I always found the flattened rear construction of the BB-28 distracting. Matt Kuchar made millions with it but I didn’t want to look at it at address.

That little notch in the back changed everything. Now at address I see a putter that helps me aim at the target, both with the sight line and with the notch. I do prefer the fancy Anniversary BB-28SB but that’s just me being a peacock. This stock BB-28SB checks most of the same boxes and can be had at a fraction of the cost of the limited-edition version.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-28SB CS

Bettinardi 2024 BB-28SB CS

After a successful debut in the last BB line, RJB took his BB28 back to the workshop for some artful and game-changing modifications resulting in the newly refined BB28 Slotback. The new and improved wide-body blade is slightly more compact, with shortened heel-to-toe and pocket lengths, while also featuring taller muscles and bumpers. The slotback milled from the flange serves as a natural alignment aid, allowing you to frame the ball perfectly at address. The BB28 Slotback Center is fit with a Black PVD Tour-grade center shaft for simple setup and a consistently effortless putting stroke.

Yes, some of the above Bettinardi blurb for the BB-28SB Center model is the same as that for the other BB-28SB. That makes sense as these two putters are essentially the same shape with the obvious difference being the neck position.

Tipping my hat to you oft-neglected center-shafters out there, this BB-28SB was the first model I put through the putting paces. OK, so maybe I was getting the one I had the lowest expectations of out of the way first, but I still rolled it first.

Like the rest of the line, the roll was spot on. The center-shaft position typically messes with my aiming a bit but I’ll be damned if balls were not rolling at (or at least near) the target. If you like your shaft in the middle of your putter face, check this one out.

Though I didn’t have one for testing, Bettinardi is also making an armlock version of the BB-28SB. It will be a heavier version of the spud-necked BB-28SB engineered to fit the armlock putting style.

The 2024 Bettinardi BB-48

Bettinardi 2024 BB-48

Through feedback from Tour players seeking a mallet-style putter with a more subtle profile, Sam Bettinardi designed the brand-new BB48. Engineered with sweeping shoulders that dip across the back flange and wane and vanish at the rear, the result is a mallet with a modest appearance that inspires confidence at address. The BB48 features a slant neck with a full shaft of offset for flawless alignment and setup and 1/3 toe hang, making it ideal for golfers with a moderate arc in their stroke. Our new Perpetual Flymill face ensures superior feel, remarkable control, and a consistent roll on every putt.

The new 2024 Bettinardi BB series is definitely blade-heavy but mallet players do get a new toy to play with as well. The BB-48 is a newly designed round mallet with a slant neck. Yes, it’s actually new. I always search the numbers in the Bettinardi Registry when a new mallet comes out. No BB-48 to be found. The 2022 BB round mallet was the spud-necked BB-46.

The new BB-48 reminds me of the Bettinardi Queen B 10, another rounded mallet with a slant neck. I’d label them as “similar.” The new BB-48 features thicker bumpers and a narrower cavity than the QB10.

The BB-48 is a mallet with some toe hang so those looking for something face-balanced are out of luck. Don’t fret my straight-back-straight-through friends. You can likely still grab the face-balanced BB-46 or search a bit for a 2018 BB-56. That was a great face-balanced Bettinardi mallet.

My one critique of the new BB line is that I would have liked to see one more mallet in the cohort. I like it when Bettinardi rolls out wild mallet styles, especially the big ones like the BB-56 and BB-55. However, I do expect to see a batch of innovative Bettinardi mallets in 2024. Mum’s the word on that for now.

Bettinardi’s Black Friday Drop

Bettinardi Black Friday BB Models

For those of you not in the know, Bettinardi offers limited-edition versions of their current putter lines every Black Friday. This year is no different. If you can pull yourself from your post-Thanksgiving food coma by Friday, Nov. 24, you can grab a special version of the new BB putters.

Normally, the Black Friday versions are all blacked-out. The finish, paint, shaft and all the accessories are black. This time, Bettinardi has gone in a different direction, producing the BB models in a bronze finish. The paint and shafts are black but the finish is not.

I like the look but people who collect the blacked-out versions each year may be disappointed with the change that likely happened because the stock versions are already black.

Final Thoughts on Bettinardi 2024 BB Line Putters

Bettinardi BB Face

All in all, I think the new Bettinardi 2024 BB putter line is solid and just what I expect when Bettinardi updates a putter line. In the new BB line, we see a mixture of old favorites and new models with each putter design tweaked to improve the center of gravity position and, ultimately, how it rolls balls. As per usual, Bettinardi’s precision machining is exceptional. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flaw in the metal on any of these putters.

The BB’s new blue/black/silver color scheme works well and separates the 2024 models visually both from their predecessors and from other fancy milled putters that will be living next to them in the putter corral. A milled putter needs to stand out to have a shot in the fiercely competitive milled putter marketplace. Yes, these are expensive at $450 and, yes, that is also the new norm for milled putter pricing.

Bettinardi BB 48 Toe Up

Find out more about the 2024 Bettinardi BB putter lines at

FAQ: Bettinardi 2024 BB Putter Line.

When will these be in shops?

While pre-orders begin today, you will have to wait until December to find these putters at Bettinardi retailers in the U.S. International accounts will get them in January.

Why aren’t sound slots more common?

The cynic in me says that adding slots costs money. Assuming that milling the slot requires extra mill time, that means fewer putters produced per hour, ultimately making them more expensive to produce. Maybe it’s just demand, though. If we want slots, then manufacturers will add slots. Regardless, it has been a while since slot pioneer PING has added a slot or Scotty Cameron took his Newport to the beach.

Doesn’t Bettinardi usually update their Inovai line the same year they update the BB line?

History says you are correct. BB and Inovai are updated together, just like the Queen B and Studio Stock lines are released together. So where are the Inovai putters? All I can really say is that it is not 2024 yet. Be patient.

Where are Bettinardi putters manufactured?

Bettinardi putters are milled at their factory in Tinley Park, a town just outside of Chicago. Bettinardi also manufactures their own head covers there. Bettinardi sources all of their materials from vendors in the U.S. They take their “Made in the U.S.A.” motto very seriously.

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      3 months ago

      Have an early carbon steel model from when he dsigned them for Mizuno (believe that it’s a BC model) & a 2020 BB1 carbon steel w/super fly mill pattern. Both are excellent. Keep them clean & use a little silicone on them from time to time, you’ll never have problem w/them. I’m sure the 303 stainless is fine, but to me, you can’t beat the feel of carbon steel putter…


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