List of Golf Club Manufacturers

List of Golf Club Manufacturers

List of Golf Club Manufacturers

Adams Golf

Makers of the “Tight Lies” line of drivers and irons. Check the product showcase or look for a retail outlet near you.

Aserta Sports

Makers of a lineup of putters, Aserta also recently purchased Photon Golf.

Ben Hogan Golf

The company founded by the great Ben Hogan continues turning out top-notch equipment, such as the Hogan Apex irons and Apex Tour balls.

Bettinardi Golf

Bob Bettinardi is one of the master craftsmen of putter design. His company offers a high-end array of putters.

Bobby Jones Golf

Premium equipment including drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

Bridgestone Golf

The parent company of Precept also markets clubs and balls under its own name.

Callaway Golf

From the introduction of the Big Bertha line, Callaway has been a leader in golf club production and sales. They also own the Odyssey line of putters and a hot new brand of ball.

Carbite Golf

They call themselves the “short game solution,” and putters are their specialty. You can also find top of the line wedges.

Cleveland Golf

Long known for the wedges, Cleveland has recently made inroads into the ultra-competitive driver market with the Launcher line.

Cobra Golf

Cobra is best known for its King Cobra line of oversized titanium drivers, but the company also offers irons, wedges and accessories.

Curv Golf

Curv Golf makes a convex-faced putter.

Daito Golf

Daito Golf is a Canada-based manufacturer of milled putters, plus putting trainers.

Diamond Touch Golf

It’s called Diamond Touch Golf because they really do use diamonds in their clubfaces. The result is an ultrahard surface and less spin.

Dogleg Right

Best known for its Hog line of putters, drivers and irons, Dogleg Right now makes putters under various brand names.

Dunlop Sports

Dunlop offers a full line of products, from drivers, irons and wedges to shoes and balls. The Tad Moore line of clubs is a popular choice.

Feel Golf

Feel is best known for its wedges, and offers two series of clubs: “Competitor” for highly skilled players and “Sensation” for those seeking game-improvement clubs.

Gauge Design

Gauge Design makes putters that is says are the most-precise milled putters around. It combines modern technology with throwback designs.

Golf Research In Play (GRIP)

Golf Research In Play, a k a GRIP, debuted in 2006 with lower-priced clubs aimed at the middle market.

Hammy Putter

Hammy Putters are built for a different kind of putting stance, once that relies on a split grip and open stance. Hammys have been used successfully on numerous tours, perhaps most notably by Natalie Gulbis on the LPGA. And a side note: The company spells its name “hammY.”


Henry-Griffitts clubs are available only through custom-fitting with a company-certified teaching pro. The website runs down the company’s products and locations of certified clubfitters.


The largest golf equipment manufacturer in Europe, best known for its woods.

Honma Golf

Japanese company noted for its high-end irons and played by many players in Asia.

Infiniti Golf

Infiniti is a maker of clubs and components known for its commitment to clubfitting.

Innovex Golf

This wholesale-direct manufacturer offers wedges, irons, hybrids and woods and is best-known for its irons.

Jazz Golf

Jazz is the largest Canadian wholly owned golf manufacturing company. It offers a full range of clubs as well as accessories such as bags.

Kasco Golf

Kasco offers a product line that features distance balls and drivers, as well as gloves. Find a demo day or check out the company’s pro players.

Knight Golf

Knight Golf is a low-priced alternative to high-end clubs, offering drivers, irons, putters and more at big-box retail outlets.


KZG makes a full line of golf clubs and accessories, including drivers that utilize maraging technology and forged irons.

Louisville Golf

Louisville Golf is one of the rare companies remaining that still produces persimmon drivers and fairway woods. Also offers forged irons and putters.


Browse MacGregor’s clubs, bags and outerwear. The newest featured product: V-Foil forged clubs.


Now a division of TaylorMade, Maxfli offers a series of golf balls.

Miura Golf

Miura offers custom built forged irons.

Mitsushiba Golf

Makers of full sets, drivers, hybrids and putters.

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno is one of the most popular irons among pros. You’ll also find putters, drivers, wedges, shoes, bags and accessories.

Nakashima Golf

High-end studio foundry best-known for its metal woods.

Never Compromise

Now a division of Cleveland Golf, Never Compromise is known for its putters.


Nickent makes a full line of products but is perhaps best known for its fairway metals.

Nicklaus Golf

Golf equipment from Jack Nicklaus along three different product brands, from high-end to value: Nicklaus Golf Equipment; Jack Nicklaus Golf; and Golden Bear.

Nike Golf

Nike Golf, whose equipment is played by Tiger Woods, offers a full line of men’s and women’s clubs, balls and accessories.


Best known for its hipTi metal woods and drivers.

Perfect Club

Makers of drivers and fairway metals that feature shorter shafts for greater control.

Ping Golf

A company known for its irons and putters in particular, and offering a full line of products and services.


Pinnacle is almost synonymous with “distance ball.”


Still best-known for its golf balls, but Precept also makes drivers, irons and other equipment.

Prince Golf

Prince is best known for introducing oversized rackets to tennis, but it also has introduced sweet spot methods to golf that it says greatly increase the odds for recreational players.


The Ram company and then the Ram brand have undergone many changes of ownership over the years. Today, the Ram brand (owned by the same company that owns Tommy Armour) produces clubs aimed at recreational golfers.


This company is best known for its fairway woods, drivers and its patented “Driving Cavity” technology.

Square Two Golf

Square Two is best known for its women’s clubs, but it also offers a full line of men’s club.


Srixon was best known for balls when it first appeared on the scene, but now offers a full line of clubs and accessories.


STX Golf makes putters – and nothing but putters. STX was a pioneer in the insert-face technology developed in the 1980s.

TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade came on the scene with an innovative line of drivers, and continues strong in that category. Offers a full line of products.

Thomas Golf

This direct-to-customer manufacturer offers a full line of clubs.


Perhaps the most famous name in golf equipment, and long the leading ball company. New drivers and irons are major successes.

Tommy Armour Golf

Tommy Armour has introduced some of the most popular iron sets for mid-handicappers over the past 20 years.

Top-Flite / Strata

Now a division of Callaway, Top-Flite makes popular value golf balls and the more upper-end Strata brand.

Tour Edge Golf

Tour Edge produces a full range of clubs, for men, women and juniors, from full sets to individual woods, irons, wedges and putters.

Vulcan Golf

Vulcan makes a full line of equipment but is best known for its hybrids.

Wilson Golf

Offers a full line of products, in both value and high-end categories.


One of the most popular brands around the world, especially its V-mass woods and irons.

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      RT Ford

      2 years ago

      I have a set of Zephyr woods and irons. Anyone know about them?


      Robert Wilson

      4 years ago

      i jus aquired a set of irons with a spider logo and the word tarantula on them, who makes these???


      Stephen Davis

      7 years ago

      Why did you not list Gigagolf or Tampa FL. great Clubs, Great People
      Great Products? Curious as I own their products.



      4 years ago

      I also want to know why GigaGolf is not covered. Their Pursuit range are great clubs and I receive lots of comments on them. Not some knock-off but a great club in their own right.


      Jim Gilbert

      8 years ago

      Anyone know who uses or used to use the Pelican logo on its equipment. I have an old brass head putter and I am trying to find out who the maker is.



      9 years ago

      who makes no limits golf clubs


      personalize shirts

      9 years ago

      This excellent website definitely has all the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know
      who to ask.


      Chuck Akers

      9 years ago

      I am golfing in a Old School Tournament next week and we are supposed to use woods, not metal woods. I have four woods and I have trying to find out how old they might be.
      MFG. Continental – Golfcraft, Custom, Serial number: CA8L2C8RC. Can anyone help me find out the approximate age of these woods?
      Thanks, Chuck



      10 years ago

      I wonder why KOMPERDELL is not on this list? KOMPERDELL ( is an Austrian sports equipment manufacturer, offering the full range of equipement, from golf clubs till e-trolleys. Especially they are known for their putters, but they also have award winning Hybrids and a range of Drivers. Originally they are experts for graphite tubes. As one of market leader for ski- and trekking-poles, they used their know-how in the early 2000-years and started with golf clubs.



      10 years ago

      I’m trying to locate a Cactus CG8840 5 iron. Does anyone know who manufactured this brand? I can’t locate any on web searches.



      10 years ago

      Did you ever hear of superbermuda golf clubs.


      J McCoy

      10 years ago

      What ever happened to TearDrop Golf? Thanks!



      11 years ago

      Lynx, MacGregor, Zevo, and Snake Eyes are Golfsmith house brands.
      Tommy Armour and Ram are Sports Authority house brands.
      Nickent (and Top Flite?) is Dick’s Sporting Goods house brand(s)


      Doug Ford

      11 years ago

      What happened to Lynx?


      Duane K

      13 years ago

      do you have a list of golf sites selling counterfeit clubs?
      Thanks for taking the time.


      CJ Bush

      15 years ago

      I look over this list today and it amazes me at how many companies that are on this list that aren’t in business anymore. that just shows you how bad the economy has gotten.


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