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When a putter starts out with a White Hot insert and a Stroke Lab shaft, it has an edge on the competition. It’s kind of like starting out with a dad who’s a professional golfer and a mom who’s a sports psychologist.

Even with the great start afforded the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S, there is some new technology that we had to check out. The mallet head and crowned design has been completely redesigned with the center of gravity more forward than we have ever seen from Odyssey. 

This CG movement was a big step for Odyssey and something that certainly impacted the results of our 2022 Best Mallet Putter testing. 

Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S Details

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S is a mallet putter with tight dispersion, a high MOI, a forward center of gravity and all the other impressive features that we expect from Odyssey. The putter head is large and has some indentations where weighting has been moved around to help square the face. 

Although the Tour Line model is the one we used in our testing, there are other options for no lines or the triple track. Golfers who have struggled with the Odyssey Ten putter feeling open at impact or pushing the ball to the right should find better accuracy with the new Eleven shape. 

Overall, the feedback from Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S testing was really good. It finished third overall of all mallet putters in 2022. However, we are used to Odyssey finishing within the top three. Many great players hold the Odyssey name in high regard but it’s worth checking out how Odyssey earned its spot as No. 3 on our list.

The results may surprise you. 


  • Multi Material Stroke Lab shaft
  • Alignment at address
  • Impressive speed control 
  • TPU sole insert for better sound and feel 
  • Legendary White Hot insert
  • Consistency in your stroke


  • Large putter head proved to be a bit distracting on the shorter putts 

How We Test 

The Odyssey Tour Line S was part of our 2022 Most Wanted Mallet Putter Test. There were 27 putters tested and more than 12,000 putts taken. We analyzed putters at 5, 10 and 20 feet and picked a winner for each of these categories. With the 2022 Mallet Putter testing, we focused heavily on one-putting.

If you can’t sink a putt, the putter shouldn’t rank the highest. No golfer wants to three-putt from 10 feet. Those putts should go in. 

lightweight tpu sole insert

Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S Review

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S putter had some tremendous performance in the 10-foot range but struggled from five feet. Our testers had a bit of feedback that could help explain. 

Performance From Five Feet 

The overall ranking from five feet for the Odyssey Tour Lined S Putter was 85.5. Although this number may not seem that low, it put this putter in the middle of the pack. With an Odyssey premium putter in hand, we expected testers to feel dialed in from the five-foot range. However, that did not happen. 

Some of the feedback consisted of the slightly softer feel and the alignment lines sometimes being a bit confusing. It seems to us like the Odyssey made players overthink from this distance. 

Performance From 10 Feet 

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S scored 96/100 for the 10-foot distance. This is impressive and brought it to the No. 1 spot from 10 feet. In fact, the performance from 10 feet is really what gave the Tour Lined S its overall ranking of third place.

Golfers felt as though the face squared up well and that the accuracy and alignment from this range were ideal. 

Performance From 20 Feet 

From 20 feet away, the Odyssey Elevent Tour Lined S scored 79.95, good for eighth position. The soft feel started to catch up with the putter and the roll of the face didn’t seem as strong. However, accuracy was quite good with improvement from the Odyssey 10 line when it came to the ability to square the face. 


Overall, the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S putter scored 90.17 and took third place overall. The bottom line is that if you struggle from the 10-foot range, you can rely on the Tour Lined S as a perfect solution. Without this impressive performance from the 10-foot range, the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S would fall well back. 

Tester Feedback

Our testers were able to test 27 different mallet putters in 2022 and here is what they had to say about the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S.

  • Great feel and consistency, especially in the 10-foot range
  • The overall look was good with the alignment line
  • Softer feel for golfers that find that to be a positive 
  • Sound was preferred from almost all testers. 

Bottom Line 

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S did well in the 2022 Best Mallet Putter test. Let’s face it: We set the bar really high for Odyssey because we know of what they are capable. In our Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S review, you saw the changes to the new mallet putter with the shifting of the center of gravity paying off from that 10-foot distance.

alignment at address


Does the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S have the Stroke Lab shaft? 

The Odyssey Eleven Tour Lined S comes with the option of the Stroke Lab Shaft. This premium feature includes a steel and graphite hybrid shaft that helps improve weighting, feel and touch. 

What’s the difference between Odyssey Eleven and Odyssey Ten? 

The Odyssey Eleven moved the center of gravity forward, increasing the putter’s forgiveness and helped square up the face. 

Do Odyssey putter inserts wear out? 

Odyssey putter inserts can get scratched. Sometimes, you can see face wear that may impact putts but this typically happens over long periods of time or with significant neglect. However, if you keep your putter cover on, you shouldn’t experience much damage to an Odyssey face insert.


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