It's Finally Here

Friday we showed you a digital artist's rendering of what the PING S55 iron might look like. Today, we' re showing you the real deal s55 iron directly from PING. As you can see, the "real" S55 features a satin chrome finish, but otherwise, @jovineri was pretty close.

We're wondering which design you like better?

The story from PING is that Hunter Mahan got his set several days ago. As with almost every new iron, the report is that Mahan is hitting the S55s higher and longer than the S56.

PING isn't releasing full story yet...and do they the really need to? It's a better player's iron, so you can bet the emphasis will be on workability and control. Toss in the standard bits about higher launch, and well...I think you've got 95%+ of the story.

Here's what PING has released about the new clubs:

  • Multi metal (tungsten toe, 17-4 stainless steel body) tour style blade
  • Thinner face than S56, larger Custom Tuning Port (CTP)
  • Tungsten toe weight adds forgiveness
  • Stabilizing bar for distance control
  • Stronger lofts
  • Available 3-9, PW

OMG! Stronger lofts. I can't believe PING is crawling in the mud with the likes of TaylorMade, and Callaway, and Cobra...and...wait...everyone is putting stronger lofts in their irons. And you know what? Tour Pros don't care, and the average golfer doesn't care, and frankly, I don't care either. It's something for the purists to talk about, but in the grand scheme of things, it's what you might call no big whoop.

The PING S55 irons will hit golf shops on November 1st. I'd expect retail price to be around $1000.

Not-Quite-PING S55 vs. PING S55

Here's the side by side of our artist's rendering (left) and the real PING S55 irons.

Which do you like better?

Which PING S55 Would You Like to See on Store Shelves?

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