• PXG 0211 putter line features five different putter models.
  • All putters feature the new Runway Reticle alignment system.
  • Putters are designed to support the higher-handicap golfer.

Today, PXG announced the addition of a line of putters to their budget-conscious 0211 golf club line. This new putter line is not a replacement for their Battle Ready putter line. Instead, these putters are targeting a new golf consumer, much like the 0211 line did with full-swing clubs.

Since their inception, PXG has done their own thing in the golf arena. Mr. Parsons has a vision of how he wants to run his golf company. He stays true to that vison, even if it means that PXG must challenge some of golf’s accepted norms. What I appreciate about their approach is that PXG is also willing to blow up even their own accepted norms.

Case in point: the PXG 0211 line. A company known for making some of the most expensive golf equipment in the business launched a line that is priced well below competitors’ prices. Turns out that the 0211 gear is pretty good, too. During Most Wanted testing, the 0211 driver put up solid numbers against drivers that cost hundreds of dollars more.

I think you can guess where we are headed today with the PXG 0211 putters. Like the other 0211 products, these are less expensive than the other PXG putters. More importantly, like the other 0211 products, these putters look poised to deliver when it comes to innovation and performance.


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Cast, Then Milled

If you are wondering how the PXG 0211 putters can cost so much less than the Battle Ready line, the answer comes in their construction. Unlike PXG’s fully milled putters, the 0211 putters are initially cast from 303 stainless steel and then the faces are milled. Casting cuts the cost. Additionally, you’ll notice that these putters lack the adjustable weights found on the other PXG putters. This also lowers manufacturing and materials costs. Finally, unlike the Battle Ready putters, the 0211 putters are not offered with optional hosel configurations. This reduces the tooling needed for PXG and that drops the price as well.

However, the goal of the 0211 line is not to produce the cheapest putter possible. Sure, dropping cost is part of the goal but the other part is to make putters that work. This explains why the faces are all milled. Every 0211 putter features the same roll-promoting Pyramid Face Pattern found on the more expensive Battle Ready putters. According to PXG, this face pattern improves putting consistency. PXG could have just left the faces alone after casting but they spent the extra time and money milling the faces to make them perform better.

Large Profile

Excluding the smaller V-42 and Bayonet, most of the putters in the 0211 line are on the large end of the size spectrum. Did you expect a putter named Clydesdale to be small? The more traditional V-42 and Bayonet weigh 350 grams each. The Hellcat and Clydesdale are 365 grams and the Lightning dents the green at 380.

If you are wondering where the Lightning is in the photo above, it was not through production when our staff snapped these photos while conducting golf ball testing at PXG HQ.

Why go big? First of all, the heavier weight should help to smooth the putting stroke. This should be especially helpful for an amateur golfer whose putting stroke varies significantly from hole to hole. The larger footprint should also bump up the MOI numbers, allowing the putter to resist the twist during the stroke as well.

The smaller and lighter V-42 and Bayonet models are likely geared more toward lower-handicap players than the others.

Addressing All the Arcs

While the individual models in the PXG 0211 putter line do not come with optional hosels, the line still is able to fit the needs of various putting paths. The heel-shafted V-42 is best suited for strong-arc players. The Bayonet, Clydesdale and Hellcat all feature plumber’s necks and should work best for slight-arc strokes. The Lightning is the pure mallet in the bunch and will fit the more straight-arc player.

Runway Reticle

The Pyramid Face Pattern milling is not the only putting tech incorporated into the PXG 0211 putter line. These putters feature a brand-new alignment scheme. Obviously, the Runway Reticle alignment scheme takes inspiration from an airport runway. Like that runway, the Runway Reticle is designed to bring your focus toward the target. Fun fact: Planes land better when they hit the middle of the tarmac.

The Runway Reticle acts as an arrow, pointing toward the front and center part of the putter. Ideally, this part of the putter is also pointed toward your target line. Not only do the cavity lines point toward center but the slanted edges of the bumpers do as well. There is nothing covert about this alignment operation. The putter is overtly directing your eyes to the target.

For a more seasoned player, the Runway Reticle scheme may not be necessary. Those players already have a system for aiming. New golfers and high-handicap golfers likely lack a reliable targeting system. If using the Runway Reticle helps those golfers to become more accurate and consistent when aiming the putter, then it is truly a valuable piece of technology.

A PXG 0211 Putter for $189

PXG makes affordable putters.

Many of us never thought the words “PXG” and “affordable” would belong in the same sentence. The thing is, PXG putters are affordable. The fully milled Battle Ready putters go on sale all the time for less than $300. With these new 0211 putters, PXG has dropped the price to play even lower.

The $189 price tag for the PXG 0211 putters is naturally the main talking point of the release. Yes, they are less expensive but they still feature the same Pyramid Face Pattern milling as the Battle Ready putters and the new Runway Reticle alignment scheme. This combination of technology and pricing makes the PXG 0211 putter line worth checking out.

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