Today, we get to see the final members of the PXG Battle Ready putter line. These four putters complete one of the most comprehensive lines of putters launched this season. The PXG Battle Ready putter line has multiple mallets, iconic blades and some putters that are just out there. So far we’ve had a look at The Blackjack, The One & Done, The Brandon, The Mustang and The Bat Attack. Today, we add The Closer, The Spitfire, The Gunboat and The Blackbird.

With this release, the model number jumps to nine. Nine different, seriously different, head designs. Some of these shapes ape the classics but others are pure PXG designs. But before we get to the new heads, let’s rehash a bit about what makes these putters “Battle Ready.”


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Multi-Material Construction

All of the Battle Ready putters are constructed from multiple metals. Depending upon the design, the main body is constructed from stainless steel or aluminum. From there, liberal amounts of tungsten are affixed to the head, significantly boosting MOI. All of the Battle Ready putters also feature removable weights, allowing you to fine-tune the swing weight to your preference.

Hosel Options

Every PXG Battle Ready head can be built with one of three possible hosels. Do you need a slant-neck Bat Attack? Can do. Do you prefer a plumber’s neck on your Brandon? No problem. Double bend on the One & Done? Done and done. You have hosel choices on all the heads and you can even configure them arm lock if you wish.

Pyramid Face Pattern Milling

I may actually enjoy looking at the face milling as much as rolling balls with it. It’s hypnotic. Naturally, the purpose of the milling is to improve feel and ball speed consistency across the face. The fact that it looks bad ass is just a bonus.

Four New Models

Two of these models actually were released a few weeks ago but we wanted to be able to give you the whole batch at once. Let’s explore the older two first and then finish up with the latest releases.

PXG Battle Ready Closer

This baby’s got back. The Closer is an Anser design at heart but it’s had quite a few scoops of Weight Gain 4000. Beefcake! Adding backfield to an Anser allows you to maintain the heel-toe weighting that is familiar to many while boosting the MOI. Rolling this one with the plumber’s neck option felt immediately familiar.

I love the rectangular profile. The putter sets up easily behind the ball. Not much in this head is going to distract you from the target line.

PXG Battle Ready Spitfire

Obviously, this putter is named after a famous World War II fighter plane. That said, when I saw the wings trailing out from the head, I wanted to spit on it and throw it in a fire. To my eye, the Spitfire looks awful at address. I struggled with the looks of the Mustang but the Spitfire was a descent into a vampire situation.

Then, like with the Mustang, I rolled balls with it. I won’t say it is the most stable putter I have ever used but it swings like I don’t even need to be there. The stroke and path are so pure feeling. No surprise: putts roll pretty well. It still looks ghastly to me but each 10-footer I made lessened that feeling. It’s the Nanny McPhee of the Battle Ready line. Don’t skip trying this one because of the looks. Putt with your eyes closed if you need to. As balanced as this putter is, you may not need them open.

PXG Battle Ready Gunboat

Some of you asked me if a Gunboat was coming to the Battle Ready line. This mallet has more than a few fans hoping it would make the cut. Well, fret no more. The Battle Ready Gunboat is here. The Battle Ready Gunboat has all of the lines that Gen 2 Gunboat players will recognize. That big sight line down the middle makes this one of the most straightforward to aim.

Like the other Battle Ready putters, this Gunboat gets a healthy portion of tungsten. The dense metal rails push the weight to the perimeter, loading this Gunboat with MOI. Should you wish to tweak the weight even more, there are three adjustments on the bottom.

PXG Battle Ready Blackbird

Fun story. When I opened the box from PXG, I had no clue about the last two Battle Ready models. I had seen the Closer and the Spitfire and I correctly guessed that the Gunboat was coming but the Blackbird was a surprise. As a kid, I thought Spitfires were cool planes but the SR-71 Blackbird was mind-boggling cool. So sleek and so fast. That Blackbird was the foundation of many a daydream, even if I couldn’t quite figure out how all of the X-Men could fit into theirs.

Sorry for the tangent but I wanted to give you an idea about how pumped I was to see this putter.

Ignoring the name, this putter has a unique look. It’s long and sleek like its namesake, with a shape all its own. It has wings like a plane but also is possibly modeled after a Norse rune. As a putting instrument, the long sight line makes it easy to aim and the slug of tungsten in the tail allows it to move SR-71 smooth. I’d like to give you some “it putts like” comparison to another putter but the Blackbird feels like itself. Don’t tell the Bat Attack or Blackjack but the Blackbird is definitely my favorite of the Battle Ready mallets.

The PXG Battle Ready Rogues’ Gallery is Complete

Like I said above, the PXG Battle Ready line of putters is likely the most complete line of putters that we will see this season. Once you include all of the hosel options, I don’t see another line that even comes close. The best thing about these putters is that they are made to be used. All of them are down-to-business black and white. All of them feature weighting and milling technologies designed to help you putt better as well as hosel and adjustable weights for custom builds.

I would not be mad if my bag featured a random one of the Battle Ready models each time I went to play golf. Yes, even the Spitfire. I’ve seen how it rolls balls. I’m down. Prior to the Battle Ready line, I had dabbled a bit with PXG putters but definitely relegated them to the meh category. That meh feeling has no place with this line.

If you are one who carries residual anger towards PXG for their pricing, you need to check their website more often. Right now, all of the Battle Ready putters are priced at $275. It’s an astounding price for the materials and milling time required to make these putters. If you are reading this a few months from now, the prices may be back up to the MSRP of $525. But, for now, that sale price is almost thievery.

Find out more about the PXG Battle Ready putters and order a custom one at