• The PXG Brandon is the fifth release in the Battle Ready putter line.
  • The Brandon features steel and tungsten construction and four hosel choices.
  • Available today at PXG for the limited-time introductory price of $395.

Today, PXG unveiled the fifth putter in their Battle Ready putter line, the PXG Battle Ready Brandon. The Anser-style Brandon is the most conservative of the designs in the Battle Ready line. The Brandon is not a new head shape for PXG but this one packs the technologies and high-end materials of its Battle Ready kin. The putter genes are strong in this line!

Let’s take a look at how PXG has put their spin on their classic putter design and primed it for battle.


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The Battle Ready Brandon

The PXG Battle Ready Brandon is the third incarnation of the Brandon putter that PXG has released. If you go to their site and look at the previous two Brandon models, you can see an interesting progression in the design. The Gen1 Brandon had a thermoplastic insert and weight screws on the top of the putter. In the second generation, a milled face replaced the insert and the trademark PXG weight screws moved to the bottom of the putter.

This Brandon replaces the weight screws of its predecessor with tungsten plugs, keeping it in line with the other Battle Ready putters. Unlike the mallets where the tungsten is incorporated into an aluminum body, this Brandon pairs tungsten with stainless steel. Like the other Battle Ready putters, the perimeter placement of the heavier tungsten relative to the lighter stainless steel allows weight to move to the edges of the Brandon, boosting MOI. Naturally, the MOI value will not be as high as those found in an aluminum/tungsten mallet. However, the Brandon’s  MOI should be greater than a similar Anser-style putter milled only from stainless steel.

You’ve Got Options


The Battle Ready Brandon features the same array of options as the other putters in the lineup. There are three neck options (heel shaft, plumber’s, double bend). These three necks should allow the putter to fit nearly all stroke paths. There is an armlock option if that is your thing.

Additionally, you can dial in the physical features of the putter such as length, loft and lie. There are two PXG stock and five SuperStroke grips to choose from and a weight kit option if needed. Did I mention the Brandon also comes in left-handed? All in all, PXG brings you the choices you need when ordering a putter.

Bag A Battle Ready Brandon



Finally, as with the other Battle Ready models, the Brandon is available for a limited time at a reduced introductory price of $395. Yes, that’s still a good chunk of coin to spend on a golf club but it is competitive with other comparable putters on the market.

The bottom line is that the Brandon is joining a very good batch of PXG putters. The Bat Attack and the Blackjack both spend time in my golf bag. The Battle Ready One & Done put up solid numbers in the Most Wanted Mallet competition this year. Again, these are solid-performing putters. Plus, you have the options to fine-tune one to your personal needs. Face-balanced blades are few and far between but you can dial that in with your Brandon. If you are in the market for a new putter this year, make sure you roll these.

Find out more and customize your Battle Ready Brandon at pxg.com.