• PXG announces two additions to the PXG Battle Ready putter line: The Mustang and Bat Attack.
  • Both putters are updated versions of previous PXG putter designs.
  • Putters available today for the limited-time pricing of $285.

Today we see not one but two additions to the PXG Battle Ready line of putters. The Mustang and the Bat Attack are joining the 2020-released Blackjack and One & Done models. This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First, PXG previously has offered the Mustang and the Bat Attack designs. The Blackjack and One & Done were new designs. Second, the Mustang represents the first blade in the Battle Ready putter line.

Both of these feature the design elements we expect in PXG Battle Ready putters. The names may have been used before by PXG but these are definitely upgraded versions of those previous GEN1 and GEN2 models. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes the new incarnations of the PXG Mustang and the Bat Attack “Battle Ready.”

“What happens on the green can make or break a round so we’ve engineered our Battle Ready Putters to give you the best shot technology currently affords to sink more putts. And, like all PXG clubs, they feel incredible and are unbelievably sexy.”

PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons

Multi-material PXG Battle Ready Designs

The Mustang and the Bat Attack are made of aluminum and tungsten, just like the previous two Battle Ready putters. This is a significant departure from the primarily stainless steel construction of the GEN1 and GEN2 Mustangs. The prior Bat Attack models were multi-material putters constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. However, the Battle Ready Bat Attack has swapped the stainless wings for ones made of tungsten. That translates to even more of the relative head weight moving to the perimeter, likely boosting MOI above the previous versions.

The number of PXG screws in the base of each putter has decreased as well with the Battle Ready design. I see this as a progressive step in PXG putter development. In the first generations, those screws were a critical motif for PXG putters. Now they are gone. My hope is that they figured out how to make a better putter without the screws, so it’s bye-bye screws.

PXG Battle Ready Shapes and Cosmetics

Of the two, the Bat Attack has received the more significant geometry overhaul. The previous GEN1 and GEN2 versions are much rounder than this more traditionally fang-shaped putter. The GEN2 Bat Attack putter was a bit hexagonal in shape. The Battle Ready Bat Attack looks much more like something Batman would actually attack with.

PXG has removed mass from the middle of the head. Combine this with the new tungsten wings and, once again, we have a recipe for MOI boost. Yes, I do know that it now looks a whole lot more like a #7. Some of you will be outraged by this similarity. Others will see the putter as familiar and be drawn to it.

The shape changes in the Mustang are less overt, especially when we compare GEN2 to the Battle Ready version. There has been a huge change in materials but the overall geometry has not undergone the same level of renovation as the Bat Attack. Hopefully, those of you who bemoaned the Bat Attack for looking more like a #7 are shouting “Huzzah!” for the unique curves of the Mustang. This is a putter that has got better looking every generation. That GEN1 Mustang was a lot to look at address. So many screws. GEN2 saw everything move to the bottom of the putter, creating a much cleaner, though still unique, look at address.

Mix in the Battle Ready cosmetic and material designs and this third-generation Mustang the best-looking and probably best-performing Mustang to date.


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PXG Battle Ready Options

Like the other Battle Ready putters, these two putters will come with the four hosel options. Consumers can choose from double-bend, plumber’s, heel-shafted and even arm-lock options. Customers can also select custom weights, length, loft, lie and grip in the PXG online interface. The putters also feature PXG’s Pyramid Face Pattern face-milling design.

Four PXG Battle Ready Weapons

Just like that, you now have double the choices in the Battle Ready putter line. While some folks are prone to immediately bescumber PXG, that’s a terrible plan when it comes to these putters. The PXG Battle Ready line of putters is a solid putter offering. Before you bemoan the price, these are initially being sold at an introductory price of $285. Prices for the new Scotty Cameron mallets are north of $400. The fact that these are sub-$300 is impressive. If you are shopping for a new putter, these are worth a long look.

Find out more at PXG.com.

Bonus Coverage: In Hand Photos

I just had to share with you some in hand photos of these two putters. After seeing them in person and rolling them, the $285 price tag is the deal of the year. These are amazingly well made. Both of putters in the gallery have the heel shaft option. Enjoy!

PXG Battle Ready Mustang

PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack