• Scotty Cameron announces four new models for the Phantom X putter line.
  • The line extension includes redesigned 5 and 5.5 models and a new 11/11.5 head design.
  • Available in stores worldwide on March 26 for $429.

Scotty Cameron today announced two new models for its Phantom X putter line. The Phantom X mallet putter line first debuted in 2019. Since then, the line has expanded once already and provided the basis for the Inspired by Justin Thomas (IBJT) limited edition putter. One can assume sales of the Phantom X line must be going well for Scotty and Titleist to keep the line essentially unchanged.

Yes, I did say there are two new models and, yes, that does count as a change. However, only the Phantom X 11 is a new head, with the Phantom X 5 representing more of a materials revision. However, I expect Cameron and JT fans will see that revision as welcome.

New Multi-material Construction

All of the heads in the Phantom X line feature stainless steel and aluminum construction. The original Phantom X models had the lighter aluminum in the center of the head and face with the stainless steel toward the edges and rear to boost the MOI. Things are a bit different with these two new releases as most of the head is now milled 303 stainless steel with the aluminum moving to the sole and flange.

This is an interesting shift in construction. It’s not unprecedented in the putter arena. Bettinardi swapped the aluminum and stainless steel components in their Inovai lines to make the faces stainless steel. If memory serves, this was due to player demand and increased design versatility with a stainless steel face. Perhaps that was the motivation here as well since the new 5.5 features a slant neck to increase swing arc as opposed to a different bend position in the shaft. The stainless spud necks did poke through the aluminum bodies of the original Phantom X models but I’ll bet that getting a slant neck through that hole was not an option.

We could have seen this coming, as the IBJT model had this new stainless/aluminum arrangement. That putter had the aluminum relegated to the sole and flange. The difference here is that you now get a milled neck with the 5.5 rather than the welded one in the IBJT model.

Reimagined Phantom X 5/5.5

“I’ve had so many people asking for a putter like Justin Thomas’ gamer and the Phantom X 5.5 is my direct answer. It has a solid 303 stainless steel face and body with aluminum in the sole and a small slant or ‘jet’ neck for more toe flow. For less toe flow, we have the Phantom X 5 with the single-bend shaft.” – Scotty Cameron

Did you want the IBJT putter without the IBJT price? Well, this new Phantom X 5.5 is for you. This incarnation of the Phantom X 5 features significantly more stainless steel than its 2019 predecessor. While this does change the weight distribution in the head, it will also change the feel. Once these hit shops (and shops let you touch things again), try the original Phantom X 5 alongside this new version. My guess is that you will be able to tell the difference at impact. Maybe you like the softer aluminum feel or you prefer the non-stop “pop pop” of stainless steel. With the switch to stainless faces, I think Scotty is betting the public prefers the stainless. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

New Phantom X 11/11.5

“With the Phantom X 11 and 11.5, I was able to design a more compact wingback mallet with a stainless steel face in conjunction with 6061 aircraft aluminum for a look and feel that just performs while being very stable and forgiving.” – Scotty Cameron

If the Phantom X 5 and the Phantom X 12 had a baby, the Phantom X 11 would be the result. This new head definitely shares DNA with the rest of the Phantom X line. Though more compact than the Phantom X 12, the Phantom X 11 head possesses significantly more perimeter stainless. As a result, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Phantom X 11 has one of the highest MOI values in the line.

Just when you were all excited about the X.5 versions featuring slant necks, the Phantom X 11.5 goes with the shaft bend option to increase flow. Does that bent shaft accomplish the same goal as the slant neck? Probably, but I prefer the look of the slant neck at address versus the bent shaft.

Did anyone else think PING Nome when they saw this putter? That central shape, along with the contrasting black and silver colors, dug the Nome out of my mental putter archive. For the record, I am not at all saying this is a Nome copy. It just made me think of that putter. Like the Nome though, the black central region should make an excellent alignment aid. The elevation of the sightline to face height should make the Phantom X 11 easy to line up.

New Camerons Are Always Noteworthy

Admittedly, these do not represent a huge release for Scotty Cameron but they are definitely interesting. I’m intrigued by the shift in materials and how Tour play and customer demands can influence both design and releases. Cameron lovers and haters all will be rolling these once they hit the shops in March. Sure, $429 is a big number but putters are still the most swung clubs in our bags. If one of these putters fits your stroke and lowers your scores, it’s tough to argue against money well spent.

Find out more at ScottyCameron.com.