• Scotty Cameron is releasing two new limited-edition MONOBLOK mallet putters.
  • Each GOLO-inspired putter is milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel.
  • Available in shops October 7th, with a MSRP of $650.

Going Back to GOLO

Scotty Cameron has spiced up what is usually a bland time of the golf-release year with the release of the MONOBLOK 6 and 6.5 limited-edition putters.

Limited releases are always interesting but this one seems especially so, both in design and marketing strategy. As expected, these non-retail Cameron putters bring you some non-retail aspects. Limited-edition putters must be different from retail putters. That’s expected. However, what I find fascinating is that the release also focuses on a business-as-usual Scotty Cameron design feature.

It’s a story of the new and the norm. On one hand, the MONOBLOK release brings new GOLO-inspired designs. That’s exciting since the last GOLO retail line was released in 2016. The MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOk 6.5 heads will look familiar to those who know GOLO putters but they are new sizes and tweaks on that design.

We all expect this kind of story when it comes to limited-edition putters. New shapes, technologies, colors and headcovers are mandatory. This is what drives collectors to shell out $650 for a new limited-edition putter.

So why are the MONOBLOK putters named, and marketed, based on something that Cameron does with every putter?

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK Limited-Edition Putters

Tour players who game compact mallets have been partial to our GOLO shapes since we first introduced them in 2012. That’s going back a decade through this year, when J.T. Poston gamed a GOLO 5 in his victory at the 2022 John Deere Classic. We had several requests for a model that’s in between the 5 and 7 sizes, so we created the MONOBLOK 6 and 6.5. They are designed in a new size with a familiar shape that has the swooping curves and that pleasing ‘melt-into-the-ground’ look from address. Scotty Cameron

Best Quotes in the Business

Scotty Cameron is the master of puffy putter pontifications. Seriously, the best. I am not sure who writes the descriptions of his putters, be that Scotty or a staffer, but whomever that is, they are a pure putter poet. Cruise through the Scotty Cameron Putter Archive and you will find some gems. This is one of my favorites for the H18 Holiday putter that I’m still bitter about missing:

Channeling his passion for high-performance automobile design into a seasonal limited release offering, Scotty Cameron rolls out a track-ready prototype that melds technology and aesthetics into a very racy package—the H18 Squareback.

Track-ready and racy. So good. When I read the swooping curves and that pleasing ‘melt-into-the-ground’ look from address phrase, I had to tip my cap once again to Mr. Cameron.

MONOBLOK Putters are 100% Milled

These putters are 100 percent milled. This is the part that surprised me a bit about the release. The name MONOBLOK comes from the fact that these putters are completely milled from a single block of metal. Fully milled is for sure a selling point when it comes to putters and companies will roll that every time as a selling point.

The MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 putters extend Scotty Cameron’s proven construction methodology of incorporating complementary materials to achieve desired performance characteristics. Each model employs a precision milled 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head, which allows for higher MOI, optimal weight distribution, superior balance and excellent feel.

What makes it a bit strange for a limited release is that all Scotty Cameron putters are milled from single blocks of metal. That’s kind of the big thing about Cameron putters. The fully milled design goes back to the 1990s when Bob Bettinardi was milling putters for Cameron. It’s not new; it’s the norm.

Maybe by focusing on this, Cameron hopes to get consumers to remember or recognize that they are a milled putter pioneer. All these years later, they are still the kings of the mill, the captains of the CNC, and the reigning sultans of shavings.

Granted, It is Majestic Milling

I bring up the milling advertising angle because—not to throw shade at Scotty—surprising. In fact, I think Scotty did an amazing job on the milling with the MONOBLOK putters. I am especially drawn to the multi-dot cavity. What a great aesthetic. It makes me think of the classic white dot cavity found in Cameron’s teryllium putters.

Cameron didn’t really need to point out the milling as the milling really speaks for itself. Most people who considering buying one of these know without being told that it is 100-percent milled. The details of the putter and the Scotty Cameron name do that already.

Regardless, let’s take a look at the two MONOBLOK models.


With its rounded compact mallet shape based on earlier GOLO putters, the MONOBLOK 6 is sized in between the GOLO 5 and 7 models with a mid-bend shaft for a nearly face balanced setup. Precision milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel, the MONOBLOK 6 has an integrated sole plate machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Seamlessly fused to the body, this configuration allowed Scotty to design more solid stainless steel into the face and perimeter, increasing MOI, balance and feel. The limited release MONOBLOK 6 has a solid face, misted stainless steel finish, adjustable performance balanced stainless steel sole weighting and includes a Pistolero Plus grip and a MONOBLOK headcover.


With the same dimensions as the MONOBLOK 6, Scotty’s new MONOBLOK 6.5 was designed with a jet neck for players who favor a putting stroke with a bit of toe flow. The key to maintaining the same size, shape and overall head weight with a different neck is the integrated sole plate. Precision milled from 6061 aircraft aluminum and lightly misted with clear anodization, this engineered component allows the solid stainless steel to be distributed properly for increased MOI, balance and feel. The limited release MONOBLOK 6.5 has a solid face, misted stainless steel finish, adjustable performance balanced stainless steel sole weighting and includes a Pistolero Plus grip and a MONOBLOK headcover. A small number of left-handed MONOBLOK 6.5 putters will also be offered.

Final Thoughts: Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK Limited-Release Putters

One I got past the overt oddity in promoting the milled nature, I found a solid limited-putter release. It has a unique aesthetic. The MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 head size falls between the GOLO 5 and GOLO 7 heads. However, these are not just GOLO 6 redux. Remember, the GOLO 6 had a capital letter B shape. So, no, the MONOBLOK 6 is not a GOLO 6 rehash. It is something new.

Milled construction may be the norm for Scotty Cameron but that doesn’t mean the milling is pedestrian. The milled cavity and sweeping top edges look great. If nothing else, it gives us something other than three red dots in the cavity.

Will we see something like these at retail in 2023? I don’t know. Perhaps the MONOBLOK and the previous Jet Set limited edition putters are subtle teasers. Let’s check back next spring.

Scotty Cameron limited-release MONOBLOK putters will be available at Titleist golf shops worldwide on October 7th.

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