Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser Rangefinder – Key Takeaways

  • Shot Scope enters the market with a full-featured, value-priced rangefinder
  • The PRO L1 includes 6X magnification, Target Lock Vibration, red/black graphics & Adaptive Slope technology
  • Available starting today at retail and at
  • Price: $199.99

There are two ways to look at the new Shot Scope PRO L1 laser rangefinder.

On one hand, it’s the latest entry in the growing field of high-featured yet modestly priced rangefinders. On the other, the Shot Scope PRO L1 is a touchpoint for a deeper and more interesting conversation.

But first, let’s see what Shot Scope is bringing us for $200.

Shot Scope PRO L1 Rangefinder – Facts and Figures

The Shot Scope PRO L1 rangefinder is the first foray into the laser market for the Edinburgh, Scotland-based company. Feature-wise, the PRO L1 is the full plate of haggis. For two bills, you get 6X magnification, Target Lock Vibration, an 875-yard range and accuracy down to 3.6 inches.

You also get two other features you may not expect for $200: Adaptive Slope Technology and Black/Red dual optics.

“In the year of development of the PRO L1, the $200 price point has certainly become more saturated,” says Shot Scope’s Gavin Dear. “But the red and black optic display is a big differentiator. It makes the numbers clearer and stand out against any background. And it’s usually found only in rangefinders at a much higher price point.”

Red optics are most useful in low-light situations and you can toggle back to black by pressing a button on the right side of the unit. And like most rangefinders, the PRO L1 can be set up for yards or meters.

Are there any real differences between a $200 rangefinder and a $400-and-up rangefinder? Oftentimes it’s optics but in initial testing the Shot Scope PRO L1 optics appear as sharp as a recent vintage Bushnell Pro. The biggest difference may very well be speed.

“You’ll probably find the PRO L1 is 0.5 of a second slower than a $400 rangefinder at finding distance,” says Dear. “In terms of other main features – accuracy, vibration feedback, slope and target lock – there is no difference.”

Is a half a second worth $200? That, dear reader, is up to you.

Three Operating Modes

The Shot Scope PRO L1 has three operating modes. M1 is Continuous Scan Mode, meaning as you hold down the Power button you can get a continuous scan of distance as you move the rangefinder around. M2 is Golf Mode. That gives you Target Lock Vibration, a static distance readout to the flag and slope, if it’s enabled.

The Adaptive Slope Technology readout is a little different. You turn Slope on or off using a toggle switch on the left side of the unit. When it’s on, the PRO L1 main readout will be standard horizontal distance. You’ll see the adjusted slope distance in the lower part of the screen in a much smaller font. In addition, you’ll also see a readout giving you the incline or decline angle percentage.

If you turn Slope off, the only readout you’ll see is the horizontal distance. To make the unit tournament legal, a red LED below the switch illuminates when Slope is turned off.

M3 is Speed Mode and basically turns your PRO L1 into a speed gun. You hold the button down and target a moving object to tell how fast it’s going. Useful for golf? Not really, but you can have some fun with it.

“If your buddy has to run back to the tee box to re-tee, you can see how fast he’s moving,” says Dear.

The Bigger Picture

Shot Scope made its bones in the GPS and shot-tracking market niche. Along with ARCCOS, Shot Scope is the industry standard in data collection, presentation and analysis. Expanding into the mid-priced laser rangefinder market is, to say the least, an interesting line extension.

“We sensed there was an opportunity for a known golf company to produce a quality laser at the $200 price point,” says Dear. “We felt that with our experience and the level of customer service we provide, we could bring a rangefinder to market that’s considerably better than others in that price range.”

Head over to Amazon some time and search for “golf laser rangefinders.” Sure, proven performers such as Bushnell, Nikon and Precision Pro will turn up. But you’ll also find 20 pages of products from companies you’ve most likely never heard of. Maybe you’ve heard of TecTecTec or Blue Tees but how about GoGoGo, WOSports, AOFAR, Raythor, VYtoov, Tavool, ACEGMET, BIJIA, papasbox, MiLESEEY or Ippikan? No doubt you can find a deal but on what? And from whom?

Maybe the best way to look at the Shot Scope PRO L1 rangefinder is that it’s an example of a known company launching a product while the others are examples of products launching a company.

Where do you want to spend your money? Again, dear reader, that’s up to you.

Shot Scope PRO L1 Options, Price and Availability

The Shot Scope PRO L1 rangefinder is available starting today and it retails for $199.99. The PRO L1 comes in two color options – a rather plain gray and black and a slightly spiffier blue and black. A case, carabiner, battery, lens cleaning cloth and a 12-month warranty are included.

The PRO L1 is available at DICK’S, Golf Galaxy, PGA TOUR Superstores,, other golf specialty stores and online at

Shot Scope is also adding to its North American distribution capabilities. The company recently opened up a Canadian fulfillment center to go along with its U.S. based facility. Shot Scope says that should speed up deliveries for its Canadian customers.


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