Putterholics Anonymous

People go crazy…sometimes nuts…over putters…some even form addictions to purchasing them and stacking them up in their garage or closet….an addiction similar to that of a crack-head. I know this because ” I (GolfSpyX) am a putter addict” myself. I am currently on the 7th Step of the 12-Step Putterholics Program right now…and I have been clean and putter purchase free for 31 days 11 hours and 42 minutes. Actually I lie I just got a new one in the mail today…does it count though if a company sends you one for free?

You always hear about expensive putters and the argument from golfers about how much they are willing to pay for one. So…what is the most you have paid for a putter? $200…how many have paid $500….would you pay $1,000…what about $15,000

Every golfer has either heard about or seen a “Super-Rare” Collectable Putter that sold on EBAY for some big bucks. But most of the time there are a couple issues with these types of putters.

  1. The term “Rare” on EBAY is massively overused and the putters that go for an astronomical amount…most likely is not as rare as the seller would like you to think.
  2. Most of them are not pieces of art either. The majority are simply short-run…limited edition putters that are not much different and sometimes not any different from the “Non-Limited Edition” model. These limited run…limited number lines are generally marketing ploys to create a brand. And they have worked well…very well for some. I am sure you can think of one or two names without a whole lot of effort.

The $15,000 Putter by: Sizemore Golf

There are some exceptions but not very many…and there surely are not many that took the craftsmen over 3 months to make…all by hand. But that is exactly what Bruce Sizemore from Sizemore Golf has created with the putter you see below. This putter ticket price….$15,000!

Now you might be saying…actually I am SURE you are saying “who would pay that much for a putter”? Well someone already has and they have actually paid more. Sizemore Golf has already commissioned a putter worth $25,000 to a Korean business man!

sizemore golf

So What Makes This Putter So Special?

Well lots of things…but for starters the materials used in this $15,000 putter are not your typical stainless steels or aluminum that is used in the majority of today’s putters. The Sizemore Golf collectible putters are comprised of 37 individual layers of Gold, Silver and Copper! Which form a solid billet (Mokume Gane) that is then CNC Milled to less than 1/1000th an inch tolerances. They’re an amazing site to see. Yes I know…I am a putterholic…so even old bullseye putters are amazing for people like me. No really in all seriousness…I don’t think I have every seen a putter that has made me feel the blood, sweat and tears that went in to a putter craftsmen’s work. I have seen the creativity and overall inspiration but never the actual blood.

mokume gane
Mokume Gane

For those of you that are familiar with Damascus steel…you might be thinking that this putter sure looks a lot like it…but you would be wrong. This process is actually called “Mokume Gane” and it dates back to the 1600’s where it was a are art form used by Japanese metal working. Mokume Gane means “Wood Grain” in Japanese. And no 2 pieces are ever the same. It’s the ultimate in owning a true “one-off piece” or what Sizemore likes to call “a privledge of one”.

The Grip!

I bet you one thing…I bet that high-dollar collectible “Super-Rare” putter you heard about or saw on EBAY did not have a grip like this. I actually cannot think of any putter I’ve ever seen that had a grip like this…and that is another reason I am really taking a liking to Sizemore Golf putters more and more. In my conversations with Bruce the owner…I have found something we truly both believe in. And that is: don’t do anything unless it is an improvement on what is already out there.

sizemore putter

Most companies nowadays simply slap a new paint job and some cool new decals to the next years model and promote it as being the next “king of the hill” but in actuality it is the same technology they had last year but since they could not think of any way to improve on it they decided to dress it up and re-market it. Bruce just comes across as a guy that likes to create and push the envelope.

sizemore putters

This grips was made of fine silver and copper hand formed over different form stakes silver soldered together with silver butt caps and collets, then it was finished off with the classiest hand formed silver wire signature. A true piece of art…hellova job Bruce!

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