In the showcase below we present 15 Top Custom Putter Designers that still do it the old-school way…with their hands. The majority of the putter designers below make all of their putters from scratch and almost all are produced in the good ol’ USA. These are only a couple of the features that make these designers special…these guys do some amazing work. Anyone can go to a store and spend $300 on a mass produced putter with no blood, sweat and tears mixed in. But wouldn’t you rather have a putter that no one else in the world can say they own?

We strongly encourage you to check out their work and check out what some of them are capable of. Have a putter design of your own…let one of them know…many of them will take your own design and bring it to life for you.


1. Piretti Putters

piretti putters

2. Slighter Golf

slighter putters

3. Gauge Designs

gauge design putters

4. Sizemore Golf

sizemore putters

5. DogLegRight Putters

dog leg right putters

6. Tad Moore Putters

tad moore putters

7. Kevin Burns Putters

kevin burns putters

8. TP Mills Putters

tp mills putters

9. Clay Long Putters

clay long putters

10. Byron Morgan Putters

byron morgan putters

11. 350 Milled Putters

350 milled putters

12. Dave Hicks Golf

dave hicks putters

13. Edel Golf Putters

edel putters

14. Deschamps Putters

deschamps putters

15. Dave Curry Putters

dave curry putters