The Best Golf Shoes at the Tour Championship

And that’s a wrap! The Tour Championship—the PGA TOUR season finale. With only 29 players in the field (we hope Willy Z’s back heals quickly), the choices for my best golf shoes were limited but I managed to pull out some gems.

Patrick Cantlay in the FootJoy DryJoys Tour BOA

Patrick Cantlay in the FootJoy DryJoys Tour BOA

Patrick Cantlay is a very rich man, yet he’s still wearing the FootJoy DryJoys Tour BOA from 2018. Come on, Patrick, live a little. It’s OK to buy some new shoes. Yes, I know full well that Cantlay doesn’t pay a dime for his golf shoes. In any case, I do love seeing players of his status sticking with older gear.

Have any of you tried/owned a pair of the DryJoys Tour? Interestingly, the BOA variant was available only with the MyJoys customization program. I found some information from a few years back when FootJoy was running a campaign to get people to customize their own pair of the “Patrick Cantlay Shoe.”

Fast forward: FootJoy sent out an email last week after Cantlay’s win at the BMW Championship and didn’t even mention the specific model of shoe he was wearing, only that he trusted his FootJoy shoes and BOA technology You’re not that slick, FootJoy. We know you’d rather have Cantlay in some of the newer models.

Don’t give an inch, Patrick! Seems like sticking with the old shoes has been working out fine for Patty Ice.

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Tony Finau in the Royal Blue Air Jordan 1 Low G

Tony Finau in the Air Jordan 1 Low G

By now you know I’m a Finau fanboy and that he’s been exclusively wearing the Jordan 1 Low G this year. However this sweet royal blue-and-black colorway hasn’t been in the mix all that much.

For those of you who aren’t immersed in sneaker culture like I am, it’s important to know that the “royal” colorway is a big part of Jumpman heritage. Yes, the OG Air Jordan 1 from 1985 came in a similar royal blue color. Since then, it’s been a staple in Jordan Brands lineup and has been featured on almost any model you can think of.

Like what you see out of Finau? Well, sadly, we commoners can’t buy this color of the Air Jordan 1 Low G. Every time I see a shoe I like, I get told I can’t buy it. Whether the shutdown comes from Jordan Brand or my wife, it still stings the same.

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Scott Stallings in the NOBULL MATRYX

Scott Stallings in the NOBULL MATRYX

Finally, a newcomer! Everyone join me in welcoming Scott Stallings and his NOBULL MATRYX golf shoes to Spy Kicks!

NOBULL is one of the biggest players in the cross-fit and training world but has dipped their toes into all sorts of sports, including golf. They just signed on to be the presenting sponsor of the 2023 NFL Combine, too.

Take one look at Stallings’s physique and it’s clear why NOBULL went after him. He is an absolute unit.

It’s always fun to see different brands on Tour so you’ve got to give props to NOBULL. I’m hoping to get my hands on a pair soon because I’ve heard great things about their trainers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the good folks over there are reading Spy Kicks. You know they’re throwing a party right now for making the list!


Jordan Spieth in Unreleased Under Armour Spieth Golf Shoes

Jordan Spieth in Under Armour Golf Shoes

Jordan Spieth is one of the cool guys on Tour. You can tell because he has his own shoe. And, based on what I saw this week and last week at the BMW, it looks like we may have a new version of the Under Armour Spieth in the works.

The timeline makes sense. It’s been more than a year since the release of the Under Armour Spieth 5. So my best estimation is that we’re looking at the Spieth 6 right here. All I know is that at the FedEx St. Jude Championship, Spieth was wearing the Spieth 5 … and now he’s not.

What do you think of this potential new shoe from Under Armour under the Spieth umbrella?

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Matt Fitzpatrick in the Skechers GO GOLF Pro Hyper 5

Matthew FItzpatrick in the Skechers GO GOLF Pro Hyper 5

No, I’m not trying to pull a fast one on you. While I wouldn’t be caught out on the course in Skechers golf shoes, Matt Fitzpatrick sure loves his Skechers GO GOLF Pro Hyper 5.

Like I’ve said before, while I consider myself to be a golf shoe snob, I’m far from the authority on what makes a golf shoe cool, hip or exciting. For some of you, the Skechers GO GOLF Pro Hyper 5 is as good as it’s going to get and that’s OK. Just know that if you’re paired up with me and I see you wearing these, I’m definitely making you chip cross-handed.

Do you think Tony would wear these if they featured BOA technology? My money says yes.

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Thanks For a Great Season!

I know I entered your life a little late but thanks for riding with me as I’ve recapped the best golf shoes on Tour each week. Congratulations to all of the players who made the cut. Let me know what you think: Should I do a recap of the entire season and pick out a few of the golf shoe MVPs of this year?

I’ll see you guys in a few weeks for the start of the 2022-2023 PGA TOUR season.






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