Sqairz Speed golf shoes got the top spot for stability in our 2022 Best Spiked Golf Shoe test. Spiked golf shoes are not a thing of the past. In fact, many high-swing speed players won’t even consider a spikeless shoe. 

The Sqairz Speed is funky looking and your foursome will know you got new shoes but, when you start hitting it past them, they will likely be wearing them next week.

Sqairz Product Details

The Sqairz Speed golf shoes were released in 2020. Once people got over the unique square toe shape, they started seeing performance. 

The first thing that stands out is how wide the base of the shoe is. The idea is to create more balance and stability. The balance and stability will, in turn, translate to more distance. Sqairz likes to advertise about eight yards extra. 

With Sqairz shoes getting a total rating of 93.5/100, they ranked third overall in our Best Spiked Golf Shoe test. The waterproof guarantee and the Pivix Softspikes add to the traction. Although you may look a little like you are wearing a box on your feet, the performance is there. 


  • Heel stabilizer for better range of motion 
  • Waterproof guarantee for two years
  • EVA foam midsole for better cushioning 
  • Helps increase swing speed 
  • Used on the PGA TOUR 
  • Pivix Softspikes for better traction 
  • Patented square toe improves the connection to the ground.


  • Somewhat odd-looking square toe
  • Not all golfers need quite as much stability as this shoe offers. 

How We Test 

Sqairz golf shoes were part of our 2022 Best Spiked Golf Shoe test. We spent 23 hours testing 30 products between two different expert testers. The shoes were tested on various surfaces while swinging and while wearing around the golf course. The Sqairz Speed came in as the third-best overall spiked golf shoe which is pretty impressive, considering its competition. The metrics used to complete this testing include stability, comfort, elements and traction. 

Sqairz Speed Golf Shoes Review

The Sqairz Speed golf shoes received a total rating of 93.5 out of 100. The top performer, the FootJoy Alpha, came in at 96. We liked this shoe, especially when we needed that extra stability. 


The Sqairz Speed ranked first in stability. Whether you are swinging a wedge or a driver, this shoe lets you stay in place and then move to the lead side when it’s time. If you are a golfer who tends to slip and slide a bit during your swing, this shoe keeps you in place. 


With the unique shape of the Sqairz Speed, we were a bit worried about the comfort. The toe is boxy but it is comfortable. The total ranking was sixth out of 30, making it one of the top performers from a comfort standpoint. 


The elements rating helps us determine whether a shoe is going to be a good fit for the rough weather on the course. Sqairz ranked fifth, even though there were a few ties for second place. With a two-year waterproof warranty, you should be fine wearing this shoe even if you are a dew sweeper. 


The traction rating for the Sqairz Speed was 14 out of 30. This is the weakest category for Sqairz Speed and it could have to do with the overall width of the shoe. With the larger surface area, it’s hard to create a fully slip-proof design in rough conditions. 


A third-place overall finish for Sqairz Speed makes it a top contender. With four colors and reliable stability, the Sqairz Speed is a good investment for many players. 

Tester Feedback

The overall feedback from the testers is that the Sqairz Speed is incredibly stable. Here are a few other things that came up during testing. 

  • The square-toe design looks and feels a bit funny at first but, over time, you get used to it.
  • With the square-toe design, alignment and squaring up of your feet can be considerably easier; this was especially noticed when putting.
  • Sometimes, stable golf shoes can leave you feeling restricted or stuck and not able to capitalize on the range of motion. Yhis was not the case with Sqairz Speed.
  • This is an athletic design that works for walking the golf course as well as riding. 

MyGolfSpy Feedback  

Bottom Line 

The Sqairz Speed did a solid job competing with the top names, FootJoy and adidas, in the 2022 Best Spiked Golf Shoe test. If you haven’t already given the Sqairz Speed a try, we recommend it. 


Do any PGA TOUR golfers wear Sqairz shoes?

Sepp Straka won the 2022 Honda Classic wearing Sqairz golf shoes. 

Do Sqairz golf shoes add distance?

Sqairz golf shoes claim to add about eight yards to your game. If you struggle with sliding or improper weight transfer in the swing, the Sqairz could add distance. 

Are Sqairz golf shoes comfortable? 

The Sqairz golf shoes ranked quite high when it comes to overall comfort. Your toes can spread naturally in the tip of the shoe as opposed to being crammed. Some golfers found this to be a more natural fit for their game. 


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