Is $50 a lot of money?

For a hot dog and an adult beverage at the turn? Yes.

For a new BMW M5? Nope.

What about a dozen golf balls? That should elicit some visceral replies.

All that said, the point is that, as with any product or service, the relationship between price and value is inherently subjective. A round of golf is no different.

That aside, we wanted to see how much the cost for a round of golf varies by state for TheGrint’s members. Before you start exploring, there are a couple of caveats.

Costs shown were tabulated from courses played by TheGrint members during the 2021 calendar year. The rates used include the lowest posted rates throughout 2021 and include cart fees when applicable.


Quick refresher: TheGrint is an app-based handicap tracker with a multitude of on-course and community features. In addition, TheGrint’s handicap platform interfaces directly with the USGA handicap system. In fact, in many cases, maintaining an official handicap through TheGrint is cheaper than going through a local course.



TheGrint users pay an average of $48 a round. Connecticut, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Oregon are within $1 of the average.

It’s reasonable to think that cost of living might correlate with the price of a round of golf. That isn’t always the case. Hawaii and California rank first and second in cost of living and first and fourth in cost per round. Similarly, Arkansas is 49th in cost of living and 47th in cost per round.

Conversely, New York, which ranks third in cost of living, has an average cost per round of $44, $4 below the average. New Mexico is the 11th most expensive state for golf but ranks 45th in cost of living.

The upside of aggregated information is that it provides a top-level view. That said, your individual situation might be different.

What do you typically pay for a round of golf? How much is too much?

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