As female participation grows, it's no longer completely about pastel paint on trickle-downs from the men's line; golf clubs are being engineered specifically for women. The push is stronger than ever.

The problem from the industry side is that the equipment companies haven't quite figured out to reach the growing and, I believe, receptive demographic of avid female golfers. As the father of a 6-year-old girl who's beginning to show interest in the game, I have a small personal stake in solving the problem.

I'll save you my mansplaining about what I believe are the core issues for another day, but I do believe that like any problem, the solution begins with knowledge.

To that end, today we're hoping to learn a little bit more about our female readers. Frankly, we don't know how many of you there are, and in the interest of full disclosure, we know very little about how often you play, your club buying considerations, and your interest in female-specific equipment coverage.

We have a knowledge gap, and we need your help to narrow it.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would take a few moments to complete our survey. Guys, you too. We'd also like to know just a bit about the female golfers in your life.

After you've completed the survey, we'd love to hear your perspective on golf and golf equipment. Please share any additional feedback, thoughts, etc., in the comment section below.

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