In golf, there are names and then there are names.

Jason Dufner is a “name.” Brandt Snedeker is a “name.”

Jack, Arnie, Tiger…those are names.

And then there’s Hogan.

Now there’s a name.

The Hogan name is making a splash this spring with the return of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company after an 8 year hiatus.  The new FT. Worth 15 irons and TK15 wedges made their debut at January’s PGA Show, and are among the most talked about equipment releases of 2015.

According to Hogan, precision is back.


The new Hogan is a bold (some say risky) move by Terry Koehler, who stepped away from the SCOR brand with the hope that the name Hogan still means something.

Do the new Hogan irons live up to the hype and, more importantly, the name?

Well, MyGolfSpy would like to give YOU the opportunity to find out.

Club Testers Wanted

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment company will provide 6 MyGolfSpy readers with a complete Hogan arsenal: a full set of FT. Worth 15 Irons and TK 15 Wedges to review and tell us if the performance matches the hype, and if these weapons are worthy successors to the Hogan name.

You read that right – irons and wedges.

We also want to know how effective you think of Hogan’s online fitting process, called “HoganFit”. It’s touted as one of the most detailed online fitting systems around, and we want to know if it’s a viable way to get you into some custom clubs.


Apply Now

You want in? Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Ben Hogan website and go through the HoganFit process.  Save your prescription with “MyGolfSpy” in the Notes!
  2. If you haven’t done so already, join the MyGolfspy Forum (click here)
  3. Post the following in the Hogan Testing Thread:
    1. Your HoganFit “prescription”
    2. Your handicap
    3. Most importantly, what the name “Hogan” means to you

We’ll be selecting 6 of you to receive a full set of FT. Worth 15 irons and TK 15 wedges to use and to share your thoughts as official MyGolfSpy Forum Member Reviewers.

To be selected, you must be located in the Continental US, and you must post to the Hogan Testing Thread in the MyGolfSpy Forum.

Is “Precision” really back? Do the new clubs lives up to the Hogan name?

As Hogan himself once said, the ultimate judge is the flight of the ball.