Want a chance to test this years MOST WANTED winner?

Odyssey White Hot OG brings back the iconic White Hot Putter face insert! Classic models such as the Odyssey #1 and Odyssey #7, as well as the legendary Odyssey 2-Ball model are available with the White Hot insert, along with numerous others to fit the preferred putter style of each golfer. With the most decorated putter insert of all time, comes a rich silver PVD finish on the putter head, along with a fine milling across each White Hot OG putter face.

The renowned urethane cover played by countless Tour pros will undoubtedly improve the feel and touch of the putter on the golf course. Multiple shaft options are available within the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Family, including the multi-material Stroke Lab putter shaft to ease the difficulty of making a solid putting stroke every time. Roll in more putts on the greens, and circle eagles and birdies on the scorecard with a new Odyssey White Hot OG Putter!


We’re looking for 4 testers to try the Odyssey White Hot OG and report back.

Any OG Model is up for testing, including Stroke Lab variants.

Men and Women encouraged to apply, head to the Odyssey White Hot OG thread in the forum to apply.


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