There are hundreds if not thousands of new training aids released every year. On an annual basis, it would be difficult, if not impossible to sort out the ones that help you drain putts from the ones that are only good for draining your wallet. Fortunately, unlike golf clubs, the best training aids are timeless. Proven winners are seldom replaced with a new and improved model, and are never completely obsoleted.


Unfortunately, the numbers alone make the training aid space a challenging fit for our series of Buyer's Guide. So rather than embark on a limited and likely futile effort to test the entirety of the market, we turned to our readers.

In a recent survey, we asked you to share with us the training aids that provide real results. More than 4000 of you responded. Here are the Top 5 Golf Training Aid on the market today, as determined by MyGolfSpy readers.

The Top 5

Alignment Sticks

Alignment Sticks


Whether you choose Tour Sticks, some other made for golf alignment rods or repurposed driveway markers, sticks can be used to square your body to the target line, help keep your swing on plane, or serve as a target marker while you work to control the clubface and start the ball on the desired line.

Versatile enough to travel from the practice tee to the putting green, and inexpensive by any reasonable standard, it’s not the least bit surprising that alignment sticks are far and away your #1 Training Aid.

Over the last several years, MyGolfSpy readers have consistently rated the Orange Whip as one of the best training aids in golf. Regular use of the Orange Whip will help you develop flexibility and remove tension from the golf swing while promoting a smooth tempo and transition.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pre-round stretch, or help building better timing, flow, and rhythm into your golf swing, the Orange Whip as a close to a can’t miss training aid as there is on the market today.

Martin Chuck’s original training aid, the Tour Striker, can help you improve your ball striking.

A long-time staff and reader favorite, the Tour Striker is designed with no grooves below the sweet spot, and an aggressively rounded leading edge. The club’s unique shape intuitively teaches golfers forward shaft lean and proper impact position.


DST Compressor

DST Compressor


Equal parts punishing and rewarding, the DST Compressor has quickly become one of the most popular training aids on the market today.

Designed to simulate the position of the shaft under maximum load, the DST forces you to locate and train the proper impact position. Feast or famine by design, either you make a good swing, or you suffer the consequences, but with frequent use, it won’t be long before the good swings outnumber the bad, and the improved ball striking translates to the course and your scorecard.

Eyeline Putting Mirror

Eyeline Putting Mirror


The putting mirror was the only putting aid you voted to the top of the list, and no specific brand was listed more often that Eyeline.

One simple device teaches you to square your feet and shoulders to the target line and setup with your eyes over the ball while helping ensure that your putter stroke is square and to the target.