MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the 2022 Titleist AVX. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

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About the Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX is a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover. The bulk of AVX balls that find their way to the U.S. market are manufactured alongside the Pro V1 franchise at Titleist’s Ball Plant 3 in New Bedford, Mass. It’s the softest ball in Titleist’s premium lineup and has the distinction of being the only non-Pro V1 ball in Titleist’s ball-fitting matrix.

On the performance side, the AVX is a bit of an anomaly. It’s a bit firmer than the majority of balls designed for moderate swing speed golfers. It also flies a bit lower. While that can be problematic for some, it also makes AVX viable for higher swing speed golfers who generate excessive spin.


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On our gauge, the 2022 Titleist AVX has an average compression of 77. That’s one point softer than the 2020 model. Compression targets are likely identical and we’re certainly well within any reasonable manufacturing tolerance.

The list of balls with similar compression includes the 2020 Titleist Tour Speed (78), 2017 OnCore ELXIR (79) and 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft (76).

Diameter and Weight

With roughly a dozen models tested, we haven’t had a single Titleist ball fail to meet the USGA standards for weight and diameter. That continues to be true as all of our 2022 Titleist AVX sample met the USGA requirements for both weight and diameter.

Also of note, 100 percent of the sample met our standard for roundness.


Centeredness and Concentricity

With the 2020 AVX, we flagged a single ball as bad due to a layer concentricity issue. This time around, we found no issues. As such, we flagged zero balls as bad during the visual inspection.

Core Consistency

a photo showing the core of the 2022 Titleist AVX golf ball

We found no notable issues with core consistency.


No cover defects were noted.

Titleist AVX – Consistency

In this section, we detail the consistency of the 2022 Titleist AVX. Our consistency metrics provide a measure of how similar the balls in our sample were to one another relative to all of the models we’ve tested to date.

Weight Consistency

  • Weight consistency across the sample falls on the high end of the Average range.
  • The overall weight of the balls qualifies as average for the industry.

Diameter Consistency

  • Diameter consistency for the 2022 Titleist AVX falls in our Good range
    • Box 2 was ever-so-slightly smaller on average.

Compression Consistency

  • Compression consistency qualifies as Good (above average).
    • This is an area where Titleist is typically strong.
  • One could nitpick (again) and say that Box 1 was slightly less consistent.
    • However, across the entire sample, the compression delta was only seven points, which is above average.

True Price

True Price is how we quantify the quality of a golf ball. It's a projection of what you'd have to spend to ensure you get 12 good balls.

The True Price will always be equal to or greater than the retail price. The greater the difference between the retail price and the True Price, the more you should be concerned about the quality of the ball.

Titleist AVX – Summary

To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

Titleist continues to set the standard for quality and the new AVX is no exception. At $50 a dozen, it’s at the top end of the market but for golfers who place a premium on consistency there is value to be had, I suppose.

The Good

  • Another high-quality, consistent urethane offering from Titleist.
  • No red flags for any of our quality metrics.

The Bad

  • A bit pricey when compared to other balls designed largely for moderate swing speed golfers.

At the time of review, the 2022 Titleist AVX gets an overall grade of 89.

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