With a premium golf glove, the goal is to feel like you have a secure connection with the club without the glove getting in the way. We, as golfers, are really asking for a bit of magic—a glove that doesn’t feel like it’s there.

With impressive feel, strong grip and a history of being one of the best premium golf gloves on the market year after year, we put the Titleist Players glove to the test again.

Overall, the results are promising. It’s a slightly lower finish than last year, not really because of anything Titleist did but more because of what other companies are doing. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Titleist Players glove and whether it’s worth your money.

Titleist Players Glove Details

The Players glove is the most premium option in the Titleist lineup. It’s the thinnest glove in their lineup and the thinnest of all 42 gloves we tested. It’s also one of the more premium-priced golf gloves. Although it may sound counterintuitive to pay more money for a thinner golf glove, you’re actually paying here for performance.

With a thin glove, the grip and connection to the club are better. Golfers find they have more confidence in their swing and don’t feel the glove restricts their grip or hand positioning.

In this year’s testing, the Titleist Players glove did well in the “fit” ratings, tying for first overall. When you put on the cabretta leather glove, it’s as if it melds to your hand. Although Titleist says the Players glove is durable, it won’t hold up nearly as long as most other gloves. You’re paying for performance—and you may pay for it again after a few rounds!


  • Thinnest glove in the 2022 Premium Glove test
  • Satin reinforcement at the thumb to help with tearing
  • Enhanced fit with breathability
  • Seam placement will not impact the grip
  • Tanned Ethiopian cabretta leather construction
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Strong gripping capabilities round after round


  • Thin is not always good for longevity
  • Premium pricing for a glove that won’t last as long as others

How We Test 

The Titleist Players glove was part of our 2022 Best Premium Golf Glove test. We spent 26 hours testing 42 products. The gloves were worn on the golf course for full swings, putting, chipping and practicing on the range. The metrics used to complete this testing include fit, comfort, feel, grip and overall rating. Titleist Players gloves have always fared well in the past when we test the premium golf gloves so we were not surprised to see the fourth-place overall finish. 

Titleist Players Glove Review

The Titleist Players glove received a total rating of 95 out of 100. This helped it earn a fourth overall finish, slightly lower than years past but, with more and more competition, this glove should still be on your list when searching for a premium feel.  


Its fit earned it a tie for a first place with several others including the No. 1  glove in the test, the PXG Tour Premium. We were impressed with the size offering and how the glove conforms to the hand. This could be due to the thinner material and the sleek feeling in the palm.


The Titleist Players glove finished 11th for comfort and was its lowest metric. Although the feel is good, there is not much to this glove. If you like something that has some cushion and some padding, stay away from the player’s glove.


For feel, the Titleist Players took home third place. With how thin this leather is, you will sometimes forget you are wearing a golf glove. In addition, the cabretta leather construction just helps you feel like there is less of a barrier between you and the golf grip.


The Titleist Players glove finished second for grip. The grip in poor weather conditions, however, is not the best.


The total rating of the Titleist Players golf glove was 95 out of 100. The winner of the 2022 Best Premium Golf Glove test was the PXG Tour Premium with a score of 97. This just shows you that, out of 42 golf gloves tested, the Titleist Players still offers really impressive performance. Our only complaint is that you will go through these gloves faster because of the thin leather. Better buy a six-pack if you like to spend time on the range!

Tester Feedback

The overall feedback from the two MyGolfSpy testers was about what we expected to hear about the Titleist glove: 

  • The material is the thinnest of any other glove on the market.
  • If you are rough on golf gloves, expect to go through quite a few of these a year.
  • The glove is comfortable but not the most comfortable on the market.
  • It feels like a second skin, regardless of your hand size, although a little tight initially.
  • The overall cost of the glove makes it a good choice for the feel and precision-obsessed players.

MyGolfSpy Feedback  

Bottom Line 

The Titleist Players glove can still compete with other premium golf gloves year after year. We were impressed with the feel yet again this year but what else do you expect from the thinnest glove in the game? 


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