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In all the reviews I’ve written for MyGolfSpy (a number now pushing up on 100), I have only given one perfect score.  Now, Tour Tempo can be added to that most-elite company.


(Written By: GolfSpy Matt) After a bad day on the course or range, we’ve probably all said this: “I feel like I had no tempo or rhythm today.”  On the other end of the spectrum, when you’re absolutely striping it, do you feel locked in?  Tempo.  The problem is: how do you keep that good tempo?  Is it even possible?  According to John Novosel, it is possible because good tempo, Tour Tempo, is easily quantifiable.  Interested in getting rid of your mechanical swing thoughts and hitting it better?  Then keep reading!

Ease of Use/Set Up

For this review, I read both of John Novosel’s Tour Tempo books and also used his smart phone app.  The books are both quick, easy reads that get right to the point.  The app is very easy to use and includes enough instructions that you can use it within minutes without having read the books.

Score: 10/10


Before I get too far in, I want to give you a brief idea of what Tour Tempo is about.  Basically, John Novosel has looked at the best players from all different eras and found that they swing with the same tempo: a 3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing (2:1 in the short game and putting).  There are varying speeds (noted in the book and app as 27/9, 24/8, etc), but the ratio is always the same.

With this formula, they created the Tour Tempo app.  The app plays a series of tones that you are asked to respond to: start your backswing on the first beep, start your downswing on the second, and your impact should line up with the third.  The biggest difficulty in using Tour Tempo is trying to react to the tones instead of anticipating them, but when you do it correctly, the results are amazing: longer, straighter shots.

An additional benefit of the Tour Tempo tones (and perhaps a large reason why they’re so helpful), is that they remove all your swing thoughts.  It’s impossible to think, “Ok, keep the left arm straight, take the club back smooth, hinge the wrists…” while you’re reacting to the tones.  It gets you into an athletic, reactive state instead of the static, paralyzed one that so many golfers play from.

Both the app and the books also include some drills that will help you to incorporate Tour Tempo into your swing and improve your fundamentals.  They are basic, rock-solid drills that you will never outgrow, and they will likely apply to you regardless of what swing philosophy you believe in.

My personal experience with Tour Tempo has been outstanding.  I saw the most immediate results in the short game: I tend to dawdle in my backswing with the putter which leads to steering and poor distance control.  Tour Tempo got me moving, hitting the ball on line more consistently, and with much better pace.  Similarly, the first time I practiced my short game with Tour Tempo, I chipped in four times in a row.  The results in the full swing were not as instantaneous, but they have been every bit as dramatic.  Frequent readers know that the driver and I are often mortal enemies, but my most recent round featured stellar driving because I was thinking about the Tour Tempo tones on the tee box.

Overall, the beauty of Tour Tempo is that it’s rooted in good science (it’s supported by a Yale University study), it can be used by anyone, regardless of swing type, and it’s very effective.

Score: 30/30


As I mentioned in the intro, we’d all like to have consistent tempo every day.  With that in mind, why would you not take Tour Tempo to the range with you?  The other thing that’s sneaky good about Tour Tempo is that, as an app on your phone, you probably have it with you everywhere you go.  There’s no additional club or gadget to throw in your bag, and using it requires you to push about three buttons.

Score: 20/20


All of the Tour Tempo products that I reviewed here are extremely affordable: the books can be bought together for around $40.  The Tour Tempo app costs $24.99 in the Apple App Store.  While some of you might think, “$20 is a lot for an app” it’s extremely cheap for a training aid, which is what the Tour Tempo app is.

Since you can have the whole lot for under $60, and it’s extremely effective, the value here is excellent.

One other point that I want to include somewhere: Tour Tempo is a true family business, so if you have questions, you can contact one of the Novosels and expect a prompt, thorough response.  Not necessarily related to the value, but it’s a damned cool “feature.”

Score: 20/20

The Peanut Gallery

For this Peanut Gallery, I did things a little differently.  Instead of showing the product to fellow golfers and some PGA Professionals, this time I went right ahead and tried Tour Tempo out on my students.

The first subject was my dad.  He’s a victim of over-thinking, over-coaching, and his swing is painfully slow.  Take a nap during his backswing slow.  I talked him through the use of the Tour Tempo tones and the next five balls were laser straight and long (for him, anyway).  He said he’s still thinking about what that felt like and hitting the ball better than he has in a long time.

Next I tried it on a student who stalled out at the top of his backswing and was hitting huge pull hooks.  I worked with him the “normal” way, trying to put him in better positions, then I decided it was time to try Tour Tempo.  The first shot he hit actually ended up left of the target line (he’s a lefty).  He actually turned around and high fived me.

I could go on and tell you more similar stories, but you get the picture.  Students confirmed that Tour Tempo is a great way to erase mechanical swing thoughts and get back to being athletic.  Furthermore, at just $20, Tour Tempo was something they all wanted to own.

Sorry, one more last minute addition.  I took on a student about three months ago, total beginner.  He’s worked really hard, gets the club in some good positions, just needs to start putting it together.  I put him on Tour Tempo and he hit the first 6 balls dead flush.  Neither of us could stop smiling.  I love this thing.

Score: 20/20

Final Thoughts

In all the reviews I’ve written for MyGolfSpy (a number now pushing up on 100), I’d only given one perfect score (Grip4orce).  Now Tour Tempo can be added to that most-elite company.  Tour Tempo is scientifically proven, it’s easy to use, and it will help you in every facet of the game.

Score: 100/100!


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