The story of the just-released Limited Edition Vokey Wedge Works 64W isn’t entirely unique. When the Masters rolls around or even when it was supposed to roll around, there’s invariably a common theme.

Given the notoriously fast conditions at Augusta, it’s far from unusual for the Tour’s best to swap their standard lob wedges for higher lofted, lower bounce options to help tackle firm lies, elevated greens and uncomfortable short-side situations they’re likely to face.

That’s exactly what you’re getting here.

Vokey 64W – Inspired by Jimmy Walker

Billed as inspired by Jimmy Walker, as wedges go, the new Limited Edition Vokey 64W isn’t radically different than Vokey’s first Augusta wedge of the season – the Special Edition Low Bounce K Grind that was released all the way back in May.

By comparison, the sole on the 64W isn’t quite as wide and it has a bit less camber. That combination should help the wedge exit the turf a bit faster. With only four degrees of bounce, it’s especially well suited for tight lies, though perhaps not much else. And, of course, around the greens at Augusta, there will invariably be situations where you’re going to want every bit of loft you can get.

a photo of the limited edition titleist wedge works 64W wedge

Vokey 64W – Do You Need It?

The Arccos data we’ve seen strongly suggests that most of us should steer well clear of anything above 64 degrees but if you’ve got a tee time at Augusta this week, a 64W maybe isn’t the worst idea.

Of course, with Wedge Works offerings you typically get something a little bit different. With the Vokey 64W, it’s a new aesthetic detail (the loft prominently displayed on the toe) and a new finish. The Vokey Wedge Works 64W offers a black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish.

The same finish has been used by PXG and is more durable than most black finishes.

In combination, it’s perhaps a bit bolder than what we’d expect from Vokey but change is in the air at Titleist and I’m totally on board with the design.

The tech story matches that of the mainline SM8, so there’s no need to rehash the details of progressive-forward center of gravity and spin-milled grooves.

a photo of the limited edition titleist wedge works 64W wedge

Pricing and Availability

The Vokey Wedge Works Limited Edition 64W costs $250. Five-character stamping and custom paint-filled BV wings are included in the cost as are most shafts in the Titleist lineup.

As I understand it, quantities for this one are legitimately limited so if you want one, my advice is to act quickly.

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