“All good things must come to an end.”

It is just the way of things that Bob Vokey will eventually hang up his hat at Titleist and walk off into the sunset of retirement. Cemented, his Titleist legacy dates back to 1996 when the company decided to enter the high-performance wedge category. Bob volunteered to take on the challenge, and the rest isn’t just history, it’s the stuff of legends. Da Voke has spent more than 20 years bringing his ideas and designs to life at Titleist for and an army of Vokey loyalists.


It’s been a hell of a run, but Titleist must know that Vokey’s days with the company are inching towards an end – it’s been talked about for years. We don’t expect, however, that the company has any plans to forfeit its position as the #1 Wedge on Tour (and at retail) when that day arrives. To maintain its position, Titleist will need an heir to the Bob Vokey legacy, and while it’s admittedly speculative, today’s announcement of a new Wedge Works model may very confirm that Aaron Dill will be that guy.

Titleist has long found success by attaching a face and a name to the brand – Bob Vokey with wedges, Scotty Cameron with putters. There’s little reason to suspect that it won’t seek to continue the trend moving forward – even if it’s with a new master craftsman behind the Vokey brand.

Today’s announcement of the AD-siXty adds further credence to the thinking that James Patrick isn’t the next in line for the mainstream line. We have reason to believe his focus will remain on premium offerings (Concept Series), while Aaron Dill looks to be the next face of the tour and the Vokey franchise as a whole.


The Hardest Working Man On Tour

Aaron Dill has spent the last 10 years learning from Master Craftsman and Hall of Fame wedge designer Bob Vokey. Known as “AD” and often regarded as the hardest-working man on tour, Aaron was hand-picked by Bob Vokey to be his full-time tour representative. Dill has earned the trust of the game’s best players. By all accounts, he has the chops to be The Guy when the time comes.

With that said, it’s certainly noteworthy that the AD-SiXty is the first Vokey Wedge Works release designed by Aaron Dill. Is this a one-time thing, or does it signal the beginning of a formal transition?

Time will answer that question.


Vokey Design AD-siXty Specs & Availability

In true WedgeWorks fashion, the limited edition Vokey Design AD-siXty comes straight from the tour. Inspired by conversations with tour players like Geoff Ogilvy, Aaron created this unique low bounce wedge, which is ideal for the firm and fast conditions often seen on tour.

I spoke with Geoff (Ogilvy) and we got on the topic of Australian golf courses and how they related to courses in America. I asked him some questions and came up with an idea to complement the firm links-style conditions that players face. Geoff was always a low bounce player in his 60. I used the original chassis that he had in the L grind and removed the ribbon taking the bounce down. – Aaron Dill


In most situations, the AD-siXty will flight higher and have less bounce (only 4°) than the current 60.06K. That makes it a great option for firm conditions and firmer bunkers.

With the ribbon removed, players may also notice a somewhat smoother feel and a faster glide through the rough. – Aaron Dill

As part of WedgeWorks, Vokey Design AD-siXty wedges can be customized, including personalized stamping in up to eight characters and one of 12 paintfill colors. Golfers can choose from an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, and ferrules.

The AD siXty will be available in limited quantities beginning September 20th through Wedge Works or by custom order. Pricing, which starts at $250, which includes custom BV Wings grips, custom shaft band, and up to an 8-character stamping.

For more information, visit Vokey.com.