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PuttOUT review


PuttOUT Devil Ball: A devilish twist on a putter face-angle training aid.


 Phillip Bishop – Most Wanted testing overseer and still a woeful putter.

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This training aid isn’t singular by any means. It is a hellacious duo.

The PuttOUT Devil Ball is unlike any other golf ball. On second thought, scratch that. It isn’t a golf ball (or at least not by traditional definition). The Devil Ball has a unique design where one side of the ball has a straight edge. PuttOUT even puts a disclaimer on the packaging: “Devil Ball has been created as a putting training aid and should not be used with any other golf club!” You’ve been warned.

The purpose of the Devil Ball is simple: to provide feedback on your putter’s face angle at impact.

Do you know the marker drill? You take a dry-erase marker, place it horizontally on the ground, address it with your putter and make your stroke. The dry-erase marker will slide in the direction your putter’s face is pointing at impact. Simple, right? Well, the Devil Ball provides a cool, modern twist on this drill.

With each stroke, the ball will react to your putter’s face angle at impact. For example, if your putter face is open, the ball will roll to the right of target (or left if you’re left-handed). Vice versa, if your putter face is closed, it will roll to your left (or right, if you’re left-handed). A putt with a square face will roll the ball towards the target.


When PuttOUT says the Devil Ball will exaggerate your putting results, they are not kidding. The feedback is riveting. This is where this putting aid excels.

My putting tendency is to have an open putter face, mainly because I’ll shove my hands towards the ball versus letting the putter head release. Using the PuttOUT Devil Ball exposes your tendency with exaggerated feedback. Now, this isn’t for everyone and doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become a better putter. However, it makes you aware of your tendencies the more you use it. To me, that is a positive. You can learn your deficiency and adjust accordingly.


Although the Devil Ball serves a major purpose, it offers an underlining benefit: alignment practice. PuttOUT provides a “Devil Ball” ball marker as part of the package. It is designed to help with proper alignment of the Devil Ball. The straight-edge portion of the ball fits into the shape of the ball marker. Additionally, there is a cross graphic that you’ll see when positioned correctly. This graphic is a very useful alignment aid. If you don’t like the cross alignment aid, you can flip the ball and utilize a single-line visual.

I can see how utilizing this aspect of the Devil Ball is potentially beneficial. Each of us has alignment issues now and then. Some more often than others. The alignment features of the Devil Ball are easy to use and visually appealing. It makes alignment easy.



PuttOUT has a plethora of practice accessories on the market which are sold as a package or individually. One of the unique characteristics of PuttOUT’s training aids and accessories is addictiveness. Take the Pressure Putt Trainer, for example. It is an addictive training aid/practice accessory. Furthermore, you can integrate it with their various putting mats. A great win-win to make your practice sessions fun.

This takes me back to the Devil Ball. Certainly, it’s an innovative product with a catchy name. It grabs your attention and it is devilish if hit poorly. There is an addictive nature to this product, too. You strive to make solid contact with a square face. Otherwise, you’ll find out immediately how poor your putter face control is. You experience this a few times and, bam, you keep taking whacks at it.

However, it brings up the question: Does it truly make you a better putter? Or is it just another gimmicky training aid?


Year after year, golf training aids flood the market. Some become popular. Others fade into oblivion.

Due to the rising popularity of PuttOUT, it is possible that the Devil Ball takes off. It has potential benefits for users. Feedback is always important and it does an effective job with that. You become more aware of your putting tendencies. Does it exaggerate those? You bet. But it is making you aware of how you deliver the putter face at impact. It can point you in the right direction. Literally.

Next, it offers alignment practicing opportunities. With the simple and effective alignment design, you can train your eyes and, hopefully, improve your putting. Or, at the very least, increase your consistency by starting your putt on the intended target line.

Like most training aids, it is difficult to actually determine their effectiveness. Do they make you a better golfer or, in this case, a better putter?

Do you think the PuttOUT Devil Ball would improve your putting? Drop a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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