“It’s simple: Vice Golf makes premium golf balls, sells them over the internet, and ships them directly to the consumer. The balls are as good as anything out there, but a lot less expensive.” – Vice Golf

By now you should be familiar with the direct-to-consumer golf ball movement. The story is simple; make a quality product, toss the traditional ways of doing business aside, eliminate the middleman and don’t spend a dime on The Tour and other high-priced endorsement deals. Roll up your big bundle of savings and pass them along to the golfer.

Sweeten the offer by offering sizable volume discounts, and it’s a solid win-win for both brand and consumer.

Vice Golf isn’t alone in the damn good ball for a damn good price segment of the golf ball market, but what differentiates Vice is its unique identity. The company describes its attitude as smart and sassy, and that unique approach to marketing its brand and its products has helped position it as one of the coolest brands in golf.

It’s a message that’s resonating in a big way among a growing number of Vice loyalists.


How To Enter:

Vice would like to reward that loyalty by giving one lucky winner a year’s supply of Vice Golf Balls.

The winner is free to choose from any ball in the Vice lineup.


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