zero friction golf tees

Start Looking At Your Tee For Extra Distance

Name any golfer, and I’ll guarantee you that he or she wants to be longer off the tee. Always. Blasting a huge drive, for reasons that probably date back to the days of the Caveman/woman, always makes you feel better. It makes you feel better about your golf game or about the 4 putt you just had on a Par 3 or even about the 95 that you’re about to shoot. One blasted drive and no matter what the rest of round was like, you’re coming back the next day to golf again. All because one of the 95 shots you hit went 300 yards!

We’ve all seen the newest advances in Driver technology; heck, we’ve thrown a ton of them directly into the spotlight on this blog, simply scroll up or down and you’ll see photos of Cleveland’s latest, the new Callaway beast that looks like a superhero should be carrying it, or the latest from Nike. What if, however, extra distance and accuracy could be found in an item much smaller than your driver? What if the secret was in the little thing you either break on every hole, or stow away in your pocket? What if the answer, is your golf tee?

30 PGA Tour Victories and Counting!

That, my friends, is the premise behind a whole new slew of tee companies out there right now that are putting their bottom dollar on their version of the classic golf tee helping YOU gain some yardage and Fairways in Regulation percentage points. One of the biggest and most increasingly popular is the Zero Friction Tee, and with over 30 PGA Tour Victories and 210 top-10 finishes to date, it is the number one alternative tee on the market. So what does it do?

Gain Up To 4 Yards (Hey Every Yard Counts)

According to Zero Friction, a lot. Here are some of the highlights of its funky design that are supposed to help launch you farther up the fairway:

“Zero Friction’s unique design drastically reduces the contact area between the tee and ball. This reduction in surface area decreases the amount of friction producing longer, straighter drives. Independent testing proves that with a 100 mph swing speed, a golfer can gain up to 4 yards of distance and over 5 yards of accuracy. Zero Friction are also safe for golf course mowers.”

Just by looking at it you can tell, this isn’t your Daddy’s old wooden golf-tee. The bottom line is, do they work?

The simplest answer is:

  • Pro’s think so.
  • Researchers and Lab Tests think so.
  • Amateurs and even weekend golfers think so.

What do you think?

Any of you out there tried the Zero Friction Tee or anything similar?

Let us know your experiences with alternative tees. Do they work for you? Waste of money? Chime in.