This guide is for the serious golfer

MyGolfSpy believes in empowering the golfer or #PowerToThePlayer. Throughout the year we scrutinize, test and often enjoy many products, but it’s time to weed out the wannabees and identify the real players. Our guide brings together golf’s elite or the “Best of the Best”, 16 products that once combined, will deliver what we feel is the Best Bag Money Can Buy. This gear kit will ensure any golfer, regardless of skill level, a greater chance of success on the course in 2015.


1. Wilson Staff Nexus


If you’re going to hold the best gear in golf then you’ll need the best bag. The Nexus is easily the 2014 Most Wanted Bag. It’s incredibly lightweight on the shoulders without sacrificing performance thanks to its 360° Integrated frame system, and there’s plenty of storage including a slot for your laser.


2. BagBoy Tri-Swivel 2


Deciding which cart to buy can be a difficult task. Which one has the features I want? Which one is the lightest? Will a cart work with my cart and my carry bag? We have the answers:  We performed the most comprehensive head-to-head test ever (seriously) done on push carts. And this cart has every thing you need.


3. Scor Wedges


The Most Under-Rated Wedges in Golf also has the easiest fitting system around. Just roll on over to Scor Golf and plug in your data. Before you know it a sweet set of V-Sole custom Scor wedges will be sitting on your doorstep. With multiple test groups under our belt, we can comfortably say Scor wedges perform as well as or better than anything or any other brand out there.


4. PING Ketsch


MyGolfSpy’s best performing putter of 2014 and let’s just go ahead and call it “Putter of the Century” The Ketsch didn’t just beat the competition, it slaughtered them. From 5-feet, the Ketsch was 352% more accurate than the field average. This was possibly the easiest choice for a buyers’ guide ever.


5. PING G30


9 out of 10 GolfSpy’s agree: after hitting this driver the Ping G-30 is a pretty much impossible to beat all-a-rounder. We thought it would be hard to improve on the G25, but toss some shark fin “Turbulators” on top and the G30 just does everything better.


6. Garmin Approach S6


Wear it on your wrist or strap it to your bag, Garmin was the only product to score an A+ in our annual GPS roundup. The Garmin S6 builds on everything good about the S4, with cool new features such as  Color Course-View Maps and Swing Power/Tempo Training.


7. Bridgestone Golf Balls


Made in the good old U S of A, Bridgestone just continues to offer the richest lineup of balls on the market. The 330 line features urethane covers and with a ball for everyone from sub 95mph swinger’s right up to as hard as you can hit ‘em tour stars.


8. TaylorMade Rsi Irons


Love’em or Hate’em every golfer should try the Taylormade RSi irons.  Why?  Simple…they perform.  Off-center mishits just do not penalize you as much with these irons.  And lets face it, most of us don’t consistently hit the sweet spot.  Trust Us…They Work.


9. Titleist 915H/Hd Hybrids


Every time we pick up a 915H hybrid we can’t believe how well they perform. Titleist just seems to understand that balance between players and those in a little need of help. With the Active Response Channel, Titleist added a spin-reducing slot to their new hybrids and offer 2 different models: H designed for sweepers – the golfer with a shallower angle of attack who tends to hit hybrids like fairway woods, while the smaller, deeper HD has more offset and is designed for those who have a steeper angle of attack and tend to hit their hybrids more like irons.


10. TaylorMade SLDR Fairway


Spies and members raved about TaylorMade’s woods last January during their visit to Carlsbad. Low and forward just like the SLDR drivers, these fairway woods will have you bringing par 5’s to their knees next season. For the masses these woods check all the boxes with their combination of distance plus accuracy and you’ll probably find some sweet deals with 2015 products about to fill stores.


11. Stitch Golf Covers


There’s nothing like genuine leather headcovers to guard your loved ones clanging around the bag. Stitch offers the most modern and trendy covers on the market today in a wide variety of styles and colors. Did we mention they’re handmade in the USA?


12. FootJoy D.N.A. Shoes


The “#1 Shoe on Tour”, the “#1 Shoe in Golf” and so should it be on our list. FootJoy’s ‘DryJoys Next Advancement’ is the ultimate blend of comfort, style, stability and performance. You may think going FootJoy is simply the safe choice for our guide, but with its history we all know it’s the smart choice.


13. FootJoy Pure Touch Glove


Tested against 18 other opponents, this beauty was hands down our favorite glove of 2014. To quote a MGS reviewer “The Pure Touch Limited is flawless. Feel, grip, comfort, it’s all there.” We stand behind his A+ decision, there’s just no glove like it.


14. Pure Grips


Wraps, multi-texture, firm, soft, personalization, a bevy of colors made from 100% rubber and tapeless installation make Pure “The Most Customizable Grip In Golf.”


15. SuperStroke Putter Grips


You want skinny?  They got skinny.  You want fat? They got fat. You want something in between?  Well, you get the picture.  MyGolfSpy Labs tested ‘em – they’re super easy to adapt to and  they help you sink more putts. ‘Nuff said.


16. Swing Caddie SC100


The personal launch monitor by Voice Caddie for under $300. Not only is it accurate, slight bigger than an iPhone 6+ and extremely portable, but it comes with a plethora of training modes to help anyone sharpen their game.