What golf ball do you play?

As consumers, we all want to save money and make more informed decisions. However, we don’t necessarily want to give up performance just to save a couple dollars.
So, is it possible to find a high-quality, tour-level golf ball at a fraction of the cost?

Snell Golf just announced the release of the 2019 Snell MTB-X golf ball.

The pioneer of the direct-to-consumer golf ball market provides golfers a high-performance golf ball at a fraction of the cost. So, how does the new ball compare to its predecessor and does the new ball perform as well as the leading brand? We put it head-to-head to find out. We tested the 2019 Snell MTB-X (vs) 2018 Snell MTB Red (vs) 2019 Titleist Pro V1.

Join us today as Dean Snell, the founder of the brand, visits the MyGolfSpy Test Facility and reveals the latest entry into the Snell family: The MTB-X.

Could you be saving strokes AND dollars? Watch to find out.


The new 2019 Snell MTB-X is a 3-piece tour ball designed for lower driver spin, higher ball speeds, reducing “ballooning” with irons and providing excellent feel around the greens. (Available in white and yellow)

PRICE: $32.99/dz or $27.99 for 5 dz.