“Mavrik Finds New Distance”

The tagline is everything you’d expect from the golf biz, but Callaway asserts that the most mainstream of its three new fairway woods (just plain Mavrik) will give you more distance than any previous Callaway model.

The math here is simple: 360 Face Cup + Jailbreak + Real AI-Driven SS20 Flash Face = 10 More Yards*


Yeah, I know. In my story on the Mavrik Driver, I told you that the days of 10 more yards are over. But guys, I wrote that two days ago…a lot has changed*.


Unlike the Epic Flash fairway, which leveraged what Callaway now calls a faux Flash Face (A bit of AI with plenty of help from the humans), Mavrik gets the full AI/Supercomputer treatment. That, says Callaway, has allowed it to push its CTs (the USGA standard metric for how much the face is allowed to flex) to the same level as its drivers.

Short version. It’s really fast*.


Legal departments scrutinize wording to the nth degree, so I suspect Callaway is intentionally vague when it suggests that Mavrik brings the kind of jump in performance it hasn’t seen since it lept from RAZOR Fit Xtreme to XHot. Again, being specific about neither numbers nor names, Callaway says it’s seeing double-digit yardage increases over some of what’s on the market right now.

If what’s in your bag right now is among the some, maybe you’ll see 10 (10 is the smallest of all the double-digit numbers) more yards.

3 Models

As is the case with the driver and the irons and the hybrids (kudos on the consistency, Callaway), the Mavrik fairway family consists of 3 models. While some of the performance attributes may have changed a bit compared to Epic Flash, as with the other lines, there should be something for nearly everyone.

Apart from some of the shaping stuff I’ll cover when we breakdown the individual models, there are a few noteworthy bits that are true for all three.

The headline is that Face Cup and Jailbreak have been combined with a true Flash Face. With less human intervention this time around, the computer was left to determine the appropriate face geometry for each model. A Mavrik Max is intended for a different player than a Mavrik Sub Zero, and that’s reflected in the performance attributes of the face design.

Not only is the Flash Face topology different for each model, but each loft within a model lineup also has a unique face design. Just as different models have different purposes, so do different lofts. It’s about optimizing the face for the task at hand.

Just like the driver, Callaway is branding its face material, SS20 (Super Strength – 2020). When used in the driver, what Callaway calls SS20 is actually FS2S Titanium. In the fairway wood, SS20 is C300 Maraging steel.

Shrug emoji.

C300 is a common face material for fairway woods, so while it’s perhaps a bit faster than what Callaway used previously, the implication is that the majority of new speed is coming from the AI-powered face design.

All three models have fixed hosels. That helps to draw a clear line of differentiation with the more adjustable Epic line while at the same time saving the weight that allows Callaway to better optimize each model. There’s one less thing you can do with a wrench, but the upside is you’re not paying a performance penalty for something most of you don’t use anyway.

With that out of the way, here’s what each model brings to the table.

Mavrik (no suffix)

The standard Mavrik is the fastest in the lineup. If there are 10 more yards to be had, this is the most likely of the three to deliver it.

At 174cc, it’s solidly mid-sized. The launch characteristics are described as high launch and low spin (typical), and as with the driver, there’s perhaps just a tick of draw bias.

A single, fixed rear weight provided swing weight adjustability.

The Mavrik Fairway Wood is available in 3+ (13.5°), 3-wood (15°), 4-wood (16.5°), 5-wood (18°), and 7-wood (21°) models.

The stock shaft is the Project X Riptide in 50- and 60-grams.

Mavrik Sub Zero

Like the namesake driver, the Sub Zero is designed for better players, and frankly, if you already move the ball left to right more than you want to, it probably isn’t for you. Penetrating is the industry-standard word to describe the ball flight.

At 169cc, it’s more compact than the standard model with a neutral CG location. A flatter lie angle is intended to help golfers start the ball on the desired line (perhaps just a bit right). Swappable front/back weights (14g and 2g) allow for launch angle and spin adjustment.

The Mavrik Sub Zero Fairway Wood is available in 3+ (13.5°), 3-wood (15°), 4-wood (16.5°), and 5-wood (18°) models.

The stock shaft is the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI in 60-, 70-, and 80-grams.

Mavrik Max

The Max is something new for Callaway. At 200cc, it’s the largest of the Mavrik fairways. It’s a high MOI (forgiving) option that allows weight (14- and 2-gram) to be swapped between the rear position (high launch, maximum MOI), and the heel (anti-slice correction).

Given its reputation for churning out uber-forgiving golf clubs, PING is invariably the benchmark in this category, and for what it’s worth, Callaway says Mavrik Max provides 2.5 MPH more ball speed than the G410. That being said, Callaway wants to emphasize that, with MAX, it’s doing a whole lot more than just chasing ball speed.

Tuning performance for a specific player type is part and parcel of the Mavrik story, and to that end, Callaway has designed the Max head for how its target golfer swings. Intended for what we might call a sweeper, the Max’s leading edge doesn’t just sit lower to the ground, but the portion of the face in contact with the ground is also wider in the heel to toe direction. It’s less rounded, less cambered…whatever description works for you.

That gives the golfer more effective face area to work with. When combined with the benefits of the specific Flash Face design, it should work to the advantage of the guy who hits his fairway woods lower on the face.

Mavrik Max loft options are abundant. It is s available in MAX 3+ (13.5), 3-wood (15), 5-Wood (18), Heavenwood (20), 7-wood (21) 9-wood 23, and 11-wood (25) models.

The stock shaft is the UST Helium in 40 or 50-grams.

GolfPride’s Tour Velvet ALIGN is the stock grip for the entire Mavrik Fairway family.

Pricing and Availability

Retail price for all Mavrik Fairway Woods is $299. Availability begins January 23rd, 2020. For more information, visit CallawayGolf.com.