Arccos Caddie 2022 Updates – Key Takeaways

  • Arccos Caddie is getting some key updates this fall.
  • Smart Club Distances better reflects how far your best shots go.
  • Weather and Location Scenarios adjust Smart Club Distances.
  • New putting analytics include second and third putts in Putting Strokes Gained.

The new Arccos 2022 updates remind me of the old Satchel Paige quote: Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you.

When it comes to golf data and analytics specific to your game, Arccos Caddie is the industry’s gold standard. Last year’s release of the Arccos Link, along with Apple Watch connectivity means users no longer have to be tethered to their phones. Never one to stand still, Arccos Caddie is enhancing a couple of important features and adding a new one.

So, if you love analyzing your golf game and bringing those analytics to the course, read on, my friends.

Arccos Caddie 2022 update

Arccos Caddie 2022 Updates

What ol’ Satch was saying is really a business truism. If you’re the industry leader and want to stay the industry leader, don’t stand still. Sometimes the moves are truly beneficial advancements. Other times, they’re just something new and different. Whether the new Across 2022 updates are the former or the latter will ultimately come out in the wash. But the important thing for Arccos is to keep moving forward.

The first upgrade, by itself, is a nice little enhancement. Smart Club Distances is an improvement to the existing Smart Distance Club Average feature. Essentially, Smart Club Distances tells the golfer how far his or her well-struck shots go with each club. It accounts for mishits and other outliers and is similar to ShotScope’s P-Average function.

“The new feature uses a much smarter A.I. algorithm based on the 480 million shots captured,” says Arccos Marketing VP Darren Feeney. “It now eliminates recovery shots from a player’s Smart Distance. The player also has the ability to filter the number of shots included in their data. That’s important if a player made a recent swing change.”

While the Arccos Caddie 2022 Smart Distance enhancement is nice, it’s certainly no game-changer. But when combined with a new Weather and Locations Scenario feature, it’s at the very least a worthy attention-getter.


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Weather and Locations

Sure, you know how far your clubs go at your home course in Asbury Park, N.J. But what changes when you take a golf trip to the Rocky Mountains? We know a 15-mph wind will either help or hurt your distance but by how much? And now that it’s fall, how much will lower temperatures impact your distances? The new Arccos Weather and Locations Scenario feature lets you know.

“New simulations give players more ways to prepare in any condition as it further removes cognitive bias and shows every member an even clearer picture of their ‘true average’ with each club,” says Arccos Engineering VP Ryan Johnson. “That knowledge provides tremendous confidence when they step up to each shot.”

Arccos Caddie 2022 Updates

The feature allows the user to input a specific location as well as local weather conditions. The algorithms will then adjust your Smart Distances to reflect altitude, wind speed, direction and temperature. You’ll know all of this info before you even leave for the course so you’ll be able to adjust accordingly.

New Putting Analytics

You can file this one under “nice enhancements.” Arccos Caddie is beefing up its putting analytics to include distance tracking for your second and— Heaven forbid!—third putts. Previously, Arccos only provided Putting Strokes Gained for your first putt but now will track Strokes Gained by putt length for all of your putts.

“By marking additional putt distances, there are more precise insights into how players can focus their practice on the green,” says PGA Teaching Pro Erika Larkin. “As a coach, I can better provide certain drills or tips to improve putting performance where it really counts.”

Pin position needs to be marked by the player. You can do it on your phone using new grid lines or it can also be done with an Apple watch or an Arccos link. However, since Arccos uses crowdsourcing, if another Arccos user has played the course that day and set pin position, the system will already know where the pin is.

In addition to all the new functions, Arccos is also announcing the hiring of Lou Stagner, the well-known golf data analyst and stat geek, as its Data Insight Lead. Stagner is a self-described data nerd and the treasure trove of Arccos data must be nirvana.

“I’m going from a scenario where analysis and insights were derived from hundred or thousands of data points to an environment where the scale is in the billions,” Stagner said in a statement. “There is massive potential to expand … Arccos products with offerings that take a customized approach to help players of all skill levels to play smarter and shoot lower scores.”

Are These Analytics For You?

That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

If you’re an analytical person, the amount of data systems like Arccos and Shotscope can provide is Christmas, New Year’s and a ban on jacked lofts all rolled into one. Knowing how far you really hit your irons is always better than thinking you know how far you hit your irons. And having an A.I. caddie on your phone helping you make on-course decisions is the next best thing to having Bones on your bag.

And not for nothing, Arccos says its average user has improved their handicap by just over five strokes.

But you have to be that kind of guy.

If you’re not, this is all a bunch of electronic and numerical mumbo-jumbo. It should be obvious, however, that analytics don’t hit the ball, you do. Analytics tell you the truth and can help you focus your practice and make good decisions on the course.

But once you’ve pulled the club, you’re on your own.

For more information on the Arccos Caddie 2022 updates, visit the Arccos website.

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