• Arccos has released Gen3+ sensors.
  • A smaller and lighter putter sensor is included.
  • Retail price is $199.99 including a year of Arccos tracking.

The headline is that Arccos Gen3+ sensors have been announced. As you’ll see, the new Gen3+ sensors offer a couple of compelling enhancements but the more exciting piece of the story may be the app updates that correspond with the new sensor launch.

Arccos Gen3+ Sensors

The updates to the Arccos Gen3+ sensor hardware are straightforward. The primary sensors are the same size as the Gen3 version but Arccos says battery life has been improved. I like that.

A more appreciable difference is found with the P3 putter sensor which is 40-percent smaller and 20-percent lighter than the previous version.

If you’ve used Arccos at all, you’re probably aware that the standard sensors fit relatively unobtrusively on most grips. I play Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 midsize grips. With the larger grip and the flat butt cap, I’ve never had any issue. I believe the same is true for most other grips, including standard size.

A chart showing the difference in size between the Arccos P2 putting sensor and the Gen3+ P3 sensor

The putter sensor, however … With every putter grip I’ve used, the putter sensor has hung over the edge a bit. It’s particularly noticeable (for me, anyway) with pistol-style grips. Would I consider that a fundamental flaw or a deal-breaker? Nah.

Annoying? As my Canadian friends might say, “Ya, you betcha.”

A significantly slimmed-down P3 should mean no more annoyances.

I really like that.

Unfortunately, the Arccos Gen3+ P3 putter sensor isn’t compatible with Super Stroke counter-balanced grips. If your grip has a screw top, you’ll still need the accessory adapter.

As an aside, in an attempt to be more eco-friendly, Arccos has slimmed down Gen3+ sensor packaging.

Improved Shot Tracking

While Arccos Gen3+ sensors make for a solid upgrade, the bigger story is the improved shot tracking that accompanies their launch.

According to Arccos, improvements to the latest app drop the missed shot rate to less than five percent while capturing 98 percent of all tee shots. We won’t know until we’ve had a chance to test the software upgrade on course but, if it works as advertised, it should be a huge improvement.

More importantly, it would address one of the biggest complaints about the system and, I’d wager, one of the biggest reasons why golfers abandon the Arccos Caddie platform.

Better news still: If you have Gen2 or Gen3 sensors, you don’t need to upgrade. The tracking improvements will work with the sensors you already have.

a photo showing the Arccos GEN3+ sensors in the box

Arccos Gen3+ Pricing

A pack of 14 Arccos Gen3+ sensors costs $199.99 Your first year of shot tracking is included with your purchase. After that, Arccos will run you $12.99 a month.

If your bag is all set and you want to try Arccos, purchasing a sensor bundle is your best bet. If you plan on buying a new club (or clubs), COBRA, PING and TaylorMade all offer Arccos sensors with a club purchase. In most cases, a single club purchase will qualify you for a full sensor pack. Arccos Caddie trials are typically limited to 45 days but it’s a great way to see if Arccos is right for you without dropping $200.

Arccos Gen3+ Sensors are available now. For more information, visit Arccosgolf.com.


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