• Arccos Link Gen2 has been announced.
  • It offers improved shot tracking with other enhancements.
  • Retail price is $149.99

Last month, Arccos announced Gen3+ sensors. This time around, it’s a new (and, of course, improved) Arccos Link Gen2 golf-wearable.

For the unfamiliar, the Arccos Link is a small-form factor device that clips to your belt (pocket or waistband). Effectively, it sits between the sensors on your club and your phone which, because of Link, doesn’t need to be in your pocket. Before Link, having to keep your phone in a pocket was a deal-breaker for some. For golfers (including a healthy percentage of women) whose apparel doesn’t have pockets, the Arccos conversation never really started.

a photo of the Arccos Link golf wearable

The original Arccos Links (left) with the Arccos Link Gen2 (right)

Arccos Link Gen2 – What’s Mostly the Same

With the Arccos Link Gen2, the company hasn’t reinvented the wheel. The enhancements, especially the visual ones, are so subtle you likely won’t notice.

With that said, Arccos describes the Link Gen2 as having sleeker look. There are some cosmetic differences: logo placement, accent details, etc., but other than a tighter fitting belt clip, you’d be hard-pressed to spot much of a difference.

Initially, I was disappointed that the Link Gen2 isn’t significantly smaller but that could be problematic. I like the idea of slimming the Arccos Link Gen2 but it’s also not lost on me that, technical limitations aside, the smaller Link gets, the easier it becomes to lose. At $149.99, bigger (or at least as big as it is) is probably better.

Apart from the shot tracking, the biggest feature of the Link is that it provides the ability to mark the exact flag location with a single click of a button. That’s a critical detail for those looking for the most accurate Strokes Gained (both putting and approach) data possible.

Nitpicking a bit, Arccos hasn’t added any functionality to the Link Gen2. I had hoped we’d see an add-a-putt feature for gimme situations. And while the app allows you to add penalty strokes, having Link-enabled reload off the tee functionality baked in would reduce some in-app work later and ultimately produce more accurate data.

An image of the original and updated Arccos Link Gen2 wearable

The original Link (right) next to the Arccos Link Gen2

Arccos Link Gen2 – Updates and Improvements

As you’d expect, the most important upgrades to the Arccos Link Gen2 are under the hood. The most significant improvement is what Arccos is calling advanced microphone enhancements. On its face, that’s not particularly sexy but it should prove to be a big deal.

If you’re not familiar with how Arccos works, whether it’s the phone or the Link, what we’re talking about is essentially a listening device. It’s what detects the impact\ while the sensors let the Arccos system know what club was used. An improved microphone should mean improved shot tracking.

Gore Protective Vents

Another improvement with the Link Gen2 is the addition of GORE protective vents. That’s basically a tradename for a bit of environmental proofing intended to keep the stuff you encounter on the golf course (dirt, moisture, that sort of thing) from working its way into the second-generation Link and corroding the electronics.

A close up image of the Arccos Links wearable

Remote Programming

Finally, the Arccos Link Gen2 has expanded remote-programming capabilities. That means that when Arccos improves its tracking models, like it did last month, those updates can be pushed to the new device. That wasn’t possible with the original device and, in hindsight, that’s probably its biggest performance liability.

As a final note, as it has with its Gen3+ sensors, Arccos is using more environmentally friendly packaging for the Link Gen2.


The Arccos Link Gen2 retails for $149.99. For more information, visit ArccosGolf.com.

Arccos Link Gen 2

Arccos Link Gen 2


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