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PXG Xtreme Golf balls are available now through PXG.com and PXG retail locations

Is the PXG Xtreme ball just a Kirkland with the PXG logo?

While I’ll concede the core coloring of the PXG ball bears a strong resemblance to that of the original Kirkland, the core of the PXG ball is unique and proprietary to PXG. From a compression standpoint, it falls in the upper 90s which is appreciably firmer than the Kirkland ball.

The PXG ball will be faster (and longer) off the tee.

That said, it likely uses the same tooling and the dimple patterns are identical. With that, my expectation is that the PXG ball will fly similarly to the Kirkland though flight should be a tick lower because the PXG ball won’t spin quite as much.

A Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedge

Will Vokey SM9 wedges be available in “The Best Finish” this year?

For those of you who aren’t in the loop: “The Best Finish” is the Slate Blue that found its way into the SM8 lineup. For Season Two of the SM9, Vokey is using what it calls Jet Black Premium as its, well, “premium” finish option.

Jet Black Premium wedges just hit retail this week.

From what I’ve heard from the Vokey team, it’s highly unlikely Slate Blue will return for SM9 (fingers crossed for SM10). The Best Finish won’t be available but, for what it’s worth, Jet Black Premium is arguably the next best finish.

Are they doing a T Grind on this one?

Y’all really know how to push my buttons, don’t you?

No. They are not doing a T Grind on this one. Don’t even get me started.

How is the Maxfli ball considered DTC? Direct to DICK’S and then to the consumer, aren’t they?

We frequently refer to the Maxfli ball option as direct-to-consumer which has caused some confusion and consternation.

The definition of DTC in the golf ball space is a bit blurry but we think Maxfli fits the definition as well or better than most.

Maxlfi Tour balls are manufactured exclusively for and sold exclusively through DICK’S-owned stores as well as online.

There are some smaller ball brands with no distribution beyond their own websites but many brands commonly accepted as “DTC” are sold not only through the company website but are also available from retailers like Amazon, GolfBalls.com and even Target.

The closest parallel to Maxfli is probably PXG. Its products (which now include a golf ball) are sold online and at PXG’s retail locations.

Perhaps the better distinction is between new brands and the establishment but, in either case, we think Maxfli fits the label.

Another Maxfli question: Will the new Tour Series be available in yellow?

We checked with the guys at DICK’S and can confirm the new Tour Series will be available in yellow but not until August.

Some pros use metal spikes but we can’t at most courses. Do they help?

On one hand (or foot), I’d be inclined to say, “Of course they do. A pro would never use an inferior piece of equipment.” Then I remember countless examples across nearly every equipment category where PGA TOUR pros have done just that.

Unfortunately, metal spikes were being phased out just as I started playing so I don’t have any “first-foot” experience. That said, what I’ve read suggests course-friendly spikes found in modern golf shoes provide better lateral traction than the old nails and that’s what you need for a golf swing.

Worth a mention: the metal stuff being worn on Tour now is largely what I’d describe as a hybrid spike. Think of it as an old school metal spike wrapped in a modern soft spike. I imagine it’s a “best of both worlds” design.

So I’d wager the modern soft spike provides better traction than a spikeless golf shoe but probably not as much as the hybrid spikes being worn on Tour.

So, yeah, you’re probably giving up a little but it’s a small price to keep greens rolling smooth.


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