Belly putters are not only the hottest topic and trend in golf equipment right now...they're also one of the most polarizing.  Not a lot of grey area when you talk to golfers about the topic...they seem to either love'em or hate'em.  But there sure is a hellova lot more golfers nowadays willing to try to love'em then there were just a couple years ago.

That being said we know that many of you are considering giving one a run to replace your current gamer.  Hell everyone wants to get it in the hole a little I understand.  So...we thought it would be a good idea to give you some useful information about what you need to consider before making the switch.  So we contacted our friends over at Seemore Putters to put together a list of "Everything You Need To Know About Belly Putters" before making a purchase.

Why Belly Putters Have Grown In Popularity

Every golfer strives for consistency.  Putting is the area of the game where many golfers are the most inconsistent.  With belly putters winning multiple PGA Tour events in 2011, more players at all levels are interested in anchoring their putters.  The belly putter is now often believed to be the answer to putting woes because it eliminates factors by helping the golfer establish consistent:

  • Posture
  • Loft on the putter-face
  • Release of the putter-head through impact

The belly putter may be right for you if your hands get extremely involved in your stroke or if you have a tendency to decelerate.

Considerations Before You Switch

Note that the players who are having success on the PGA Tour are able to practice with their new technique much more than the majority of avid golfers. Also, many successful belly putter users have committed to using it long-term. It’s not an instant “cure all” as it requires practice just like any other method in putting.  Before switching to a belly putter, make sure to take your standard putter and implement a system for putting by practicing establishing consistent:

  • Eye position
  • Ball position
  • Forearm position
  • Grip
  • Alignment

If you commit to a system for putting, practice it and you still aren’t putting well, a belly putter may be a welcomed change.   Utilizing the patented RifleScope Technology RST, a SeeMore Putter provides a system for feedback and will allow you to develop consistent setup and alignment in both a standard length and a belly putter.

Determining The Length Of Your Belly Putter

You need three things to determine the correct length of a belly putter:

  • Standard length putter
  • Yard stick
  • Access to a mirror

Video - How to Fit a Belly Putter

This video on how to fit a belly putter will help you determine the proper length by following the steps mentioned below.


  1. Take a yard stick and measure the length of your standard length putter in inches.  Measure by keeping the yard stick parallel to the shaft and allowing the ruler to touch the ground next to the base of the club-head.
  2. After determining the posture that you would like to implement with a belly putter, raise the standard length and stabilize it with the end of the grip in your belly. (An athletic posture that allows your eyes to be inside the club-head is recommended)
  3. While keep the yard-stick parallel to the shaft, measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the club-head.

Example in the Video: (Club) 35 Inches + (Distance from the bottom of the club to the ground) 9 inches = 44 Inches

Hope you find all of the above information useful. (SPi - Seemore Putter Institute)

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