DID YOU KNOW?: On average, left-handed people have a shorter life span than their right-handed counter parts.

That’s not true at all. We live just as long as everyone else, but we’ve all heard that rumor right? It’s just one thing on a long list of sufferings that left-handers must endure. Lefties deserve better than a life of ink-stained hands, backwards scissors and the eternal lefty elbow battle. After all we’re the creative, free-spirited thought leaders, right?

So since we must overcome so many hardships in the few short years we’ve got in a right-handers world, we think we should at least be making the most of it and playing the correct club.

We’ve curated a list especially tailored to the lefties in the MyGolfSpy readership that includes the best clubs on the market, according to our tests, with left-handed options. Southpaws rejoice!

1. PING G410 Plus

2020’s Most Wanted Runner-Up is available in left handed options.



2. Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Xtreme

The Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Xtreme serves many golfers well. It’s the number one driver for those of you in the mid-swing speed category (95-105 MPH). No one is left behind, including lefties.



3. Honma XP-1

The XP-1 is the Best Driver for golfers who swing under 94 MPH. Doesn’t matter whether it’s from the left or right side.



4. Titleist TS2

The Titleist TS2 came up big for golfers with swing speeds over 105 MPH. It’s got a classic look that appeals to everyone, no matter your dominate hand.



5. Odyssey Triple Track 2

Where do we start with this beauty? The Odyssey Triple Track 2 Ball destroyed the field in this years mallet test with record numbers. It’s a MUST TRY!



6. Honma T//World W4

Honma is starting to make their name known in North America and we are seeing proof in testing. Their T//World W4 wedge performed well across the board in 2019.



7.  Srixon ZF85

The top fairway wood for distance in 2019 can help lefties hit the ball further! It out-carried the 2019 Most Wanted overall winner by 2.5 yards.



8. Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK One Length Hybrid

Simplicity is key in the golf swing. Thats why Cobra has invented a 7 iron length hybrid to ensure you swing the same Every…Single…Time!



9. Cobra KING Forged CB

Matte black? Left-handed? Check.



10. TaylorMade P790

The TaylorMade P790 provides the forgiveness we all desire on the course. Its exceptional ball speed and carry consistency throughout the set makes these irons one to consider.



11. Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3

The Tommy Armour Impact Series No.3 is a hot commodity. It won our Most Wanted Mallet test multiple times. Oh and its below $100 bucks.  Get it while you can, lefties.