When comparing the best versus worst stand bag of 2022, we compared 43 products. 43?! Could 43 golf bags really be all that different?

You would be surprised.

The Vessel Player III DXR is the best overall stand bag in 2022. So which took the dubious title of the year’s worst? Read on!


The Vessel Player III DXR is the best stand bag in 2022 with a rating of 93/100. This bag has all of the best pocket sizes and locations, it can work for walking or cart riding, has the best setup as far as dividers are concerned and even has a premium look and feel to complement all those features. The Vessel golf bags are more expensive than others on the market but, in this case, you certainly get what you pay for.

The worst stand bag in 2022 is the Jones Classic Stand Bag. At first glance, it’s obvious this bag does have the same detail or finish as the Vessel Player III DXR. When comparing the best versus worst stand bag, the only area in which the Jones Classic Stand Bag beat the Vessel was with the total weight. Every other aspect did not measure up, earning the Jones Classic a score of just 75/100.

How We Test

The best versus worst stand bag was part of our 2022 Best Stand Bag testing. This process took a total of 23 hours and all bags were tested by the same tester. A total of 43 were tested for things like weight, number of dividers, storage, pockets, colors and features. During the testing process, we took into account walkability as well as cart-riding features.


  • The Vessel Player III DRX got a first-place finish for the dividers. This includes the number of and location of dividers as well as their usability. The Jones Classic came in 31st.
  • At 6.6 pounds, one of the heaviest on the market, the Vessel DXR took 33rd place in the weight category. The Jones Classic came in at 5.3 pounds.
  • Walkability with the Vessel DXR is third-best, despite the weight. The Jones Classic finished 35th, the lowest of all of its finishes.
  • Features were another category where Vessel took the top honor. Its third-place finish compared to a 27th-place finish from Jones Classic. The bag with the best overall features was the PING Hoofer.
  • The final scores were 93 for the Vessel DXR and 75 for the Jones Classic.

Behind the Scenes of Best Versus Worst Stand Bag

Testing golf stand bags head to head clearly reveal whether their features are truly better than the competition. In our testing, we determined the technology and performance of the Vessel Player III DXR can enhance your golfing experience. Here are more details on what the Vessel DXR and the Jones Classic claim to offer customers and what they bring to the course.

Vessel Player III DXR

  • The top dividers and design easily earned the Vessel Player III DXR the top spot.
  • The magnetic pockets, especially the one for a water bottle, help it stand out from a usability standpoint.
  • Organizational features include an anti-microbial-lined valuables pocket, interior lock pocket, magnetic rangefinder pocket and pen slot.
  • Materials include high-quality synthetic leather and plush mesh-lined dividers.
  • The one downside to the Vessel Player III DXR is its relatively heavy 6.6-pound weight.

Jones Classic Stand Bag

  • Jones Classic Stand Bag is supposed to look like a modern version of a traditional golf bag. From that perspective, Jones did a great job.
  • The pocket design on the bag is symmetrical, creating a classic look but tthe overall storage is poor. Getting things out of the bag can be difficult.
  • You can carry this bag on either shoulder, whichever is more comfortable. A backpack carry strap would have been an excellent addition. The good news is that the 5.3 -pound bag is not too heavy.
  • The top dimensions of the bag are 8″ x 8″, considerably smaller than the Vessel and not as well designed. The three-way divider does not give much room for your clubs to be separate from each other.
  • The key here is that if you care about the look of the bag and want something traditional and classic, the Jones is perfect. However, the functionality is lacking.

Bottom Line

In the end, the Vessel Player III DXR clearly shows its impressive features and functionality. You won’t have to work too hard to find a reason to like this golf bag. In fact, with its clean look, magnetic pockets and perfectly designed top, we had a hard time choosing our favorite feature. The only thing left to decide is which of the five colors you want.

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