Walking or riding, having a great golf bag can go a long way in improving the playing experience. Let’s look at the best stand, cart, and sunday golf bags for 2022.

Best Stand Bags

Best Golf Bag of 2022 Overall: VESSEL PLAYER III DXR

The Vessel Players III DXR has ten pockets to tuck away your essential items. The DXR has two magnetic drink holders that expand but collapse when empty. The DXR dividers are functional and do not snag, which is a must. That makes it the best stand golf bag for 2022.




The PING Hoofer has perfect pocket placement ensuring no pocket intrudes on another. The rain hood might be annoying for some, but the Hoofer is perfectly designed to support your lower back when carrying for 18 or more. You can’t go wrong with a classic, and the Ping Hoofer is among the best golf bags for 2022.



The COBRA Ultralight Pro is everything you need in a stand bag. It has a sturdy stand system and nicely contoured carry straps to ensure you walk in comfort. It has well-designed pockets that don’t intrude on each other. For putting functionality first, this bag is one of the best golf bags for 2022.



The Titleist Hybrid bag is perfect for those who need to carry a little extra on their rounds. It has a wide divider system to help prevent club snagging. It comes with a sturdy wide stand system to provide stability. The Hybrid 14 deserves a spot among the best golf bags with storage and a designated place for everything.



Those who want a little slimmer but still want good storage should look no further than the Vessel VLS DXR. It comes with full-length dividers without any excess material. The DXR also has a reinforced stand system for added stability. Light in weight but not in style, the VLS DXR is another Vessel bag that is one of the best golf bags for 2022.


Best Cart Bags

Best Golf Bag of 2022 Overall: PING DLX

The Ping DLX provides an abundance of storage has a magnetic rangefinder pocket, and a hidden shoe compartment on the belly of the bag. Throw in non-snagging dividers and the fact it is easy to clean, and you have a great bag. The PING DLX is the best cart golf bag of 2022.



If you want a bag that is top of the range without the bulky look, look no further than the LUX XV. The LUX XV has luxurious, easy-to-clean material. Its dividers are perfect with no snagging. Each pocket is well-designed for ease of use and functionality. The LUX XV joins other highly thought Vessel bags and is one of the best golf bags of 2022.



The PING Pioneer is a well-thought-out design. Each pocket is strategically placed for ease of use and functionality. The Pioneer also has one of the sturdiest skeletons in the test for better durability. It comes with a large cooler pocket. Ping proves its pedigree in the bag department with another of the best golf bags of 2022.



The Motocaddy Pro Series is one of the most sturdy bags on the market. All pockets hold their structure and expand fully to fit more personal goodies. Its dividers are full-length and spacious to eliminate snagging. It is a new name to most, but it still deserves a spot among the best golf bags of 2022.



The Maxfli Honor+ is for the baller on a budget. The Best Value bag of 2022 comes with a 14-way divider and ten expandable pockets. The sturdy structure protects your clubs no matter how many times you slam your clubs into it. For great functionality at an even better value, the Maxfli Honors+ is one of the best golf bags of 2022.


Best Sunday Bags


Not just the best Sunday bag, but the Cobra Ultralight Sunday was declared the best walking bag overall. With full-length dividers, extending stand legs, and even decent storage the Ultralight Sunday packs a lot into a very light bag. That’s what makes it the best Sunday bag of 2022.



There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of luxury out on the course, even if you’re just toting a half set around. The PXG Sunday is for more than just brand-loyalists, however, as it’s a very functional bag. With six pockets and high-quality, easy to clean material, the PXG Sunday is one of the best Sunday bags of 2022.



The Sun Mountain Metro is your pencil bag on steroids. Its ability to hold its structure helps prevent clubs from snagging. The bag also earns style points for a modern take on a classic bag structure. No worries about the lack of legs either as the fully waterproof material will keep the clubs dry even when set directly on the ground.


Frequently asked questions about golf bags:

Q. Do I need an insulated pocket?

A. Although most stand bags today come with insulated pockets, bigger is normally better. For instance, those who play 18 holes may want to consider a bag with a large cooler pocket. Golfers who only play nine holes at a time can typically get away with a smaller insulated pocket.

Q. What is a hybrid golf bag?

A. A hybrid golf bag is a cross between a cart bag and a stand bag. The hybrid has more storage for those who need it and ride a cart for the majority of their rounds. They tend to be bigger with wider dividers as well.

Q. Can I use my stand bag on a cart or push cart?

A. The short answer is yes. Some bags, like PING, offer a cart strap pass-through which helps retain the full functionality of every pocket. Stand bags that are used on push carts tend to slide around. If your push cart offers a stand lock-in design, opting for a stand bag shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Q. How much does the strap system matter?

A. Finding a strap system that works for you is critical. The seemingly smallest details matter. Look for straps with ample reinforced padding. Curved strap designs are generally more comfortable. If you love the bag but hate the straps, aftermarket systems like those from Walk18Golf can dramatically improve comfort but add to the cost of your bag.

Q. What is a Sunday bag?

A. What sets a Sunday golf bag apart from a traditional stand bag is its portability, lightweight feel and ease of use. It is a carry option without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The Sunday bag has traditionally been a pencil-looking bag without a stand. However, in recent years, Sunday bags have begun to evolve into thin bags with minimal storage but with a stand.

Q. Does the top matter?

A. Definitely. If you carry all the time, a four- or five-way top is almost certainly the way to go. Having fewer dividers makes getting clubs in and out of the bag easy. Bags with 14- or 15-way tops are more prone to snagging and are much better suited to the push cart mafia and riders. Keep in mind that bags with four-way tops are, on average, two pounds lighter than those with 14-way tops.

Q. How much should I spend on a bag?

A. A well-designed, fully featured bag generally starts at $150 with the majority of the best stand bags for 2022 around the $250 range. Golfers who play just a few times a year may be able to find a suitable offering for a bit less.

Q. Does the cart strap pass-through matter?

A. The short answer is yes. Cart strap pass-throughs ensure access to key storage spaces within the bag without limiting access to the vital pockets.

Q. Do dividers really matter on a cart bag?

A. Dividers are one of the most important features. Dividers that don’t have much space between each slot will cause snagging when taking your clubs out. Trust us … It gets annoying. Well-spaced dividers allow for easy extraction of your clubs.

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