Take me out to the golf course…

Athletes crossing over into different sports is not without precedent. Bo Jackson was an amazing two-sport athlete and many of us would trade our swings for those of non-golfers like Steph Curry and Tony Romo. It’s a sign of pure athleticism where a person can excel in multiple sports while many of us grind to be semi-proficient in one.

Bettinardi’s Big League Chew release suggests companies can be two-sport players as well by uniting the national pastimes of golf and baseball. This is not Bettinardi’s first trip to the ballpark. About this time last year, they partnered with Dubble Bubble but I think this partnership better captures the iconic nature of the gum company while maintaining a golf flavor as well.

How did this partnership come into being?

Founder and Inventor of Big League Chew, Rob Nelson, and Founder and President of Bettinardi Golf, Robert J. Bettinardi, teamed up for a limited-edition release combining their two iconic brands. Brought to life by the team at Bettinardi Golf, the co-branded head covers and golf products bring together our passion for golf, our love for the game of baseball, all while paying tribute to the only gum to ever be featured at the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and part of many of our childhood memories at the ballpark. Produced proudly in the U.S.A., just like Big League Chew gum, this head cover serves as an inspiration to play well and have fun on the golf course. Limited availability worldwide.

Bettinardi and Big League Chew nailed the nostalgia aspect with this release. While my baseball “career” consisted of just three years of Little League, Big League Chew was part of that experience. I’d even wager that my consumption of Big League Chew surpassed my ability to field a ground ball.

Although parents bemoaned the sugar and the tobacco pouch packaging, we kids loved slapping in a big pinch of Big League Chew as we headed out for a hopefully uneventful half-inning in right field.

So with that, let’s take a look at what products are coming to The Hive this Thursday.

Bettinardi Big League Chew Release

  • DASS BB8-Wide Big League Chew – $2,200
  • Head cover – $100
  • Mallet Head cover – $100
  • Club Cover Set – $300
  • Player’s Towel – $55
  • Ball Marker – $55
  • Pocket Tee – $35
  • Hat – $35
  • Yeti – $75
Here are a few beauty shots of the uber-limited release BB8-Wide:
Bettinardi Big League Chew Putter

Going, Going, GONE!

If you are interested in buying anything from the Bettinardi Big League Chew release, you’ll likely need to be ready to go at 10 a.m. CDT on April 2 on the Hive section of the Bettinardi website. Seriously, be there on time or you will miss out. The typical Hive release sells out in minutes, if not seconds. There’s no reason to think that everything in this Big League Chew-branded release won’t go every bit as fast. And, yes, that includes the five One Putt Grape DASS BB8-Wides at $2,200 each.

Bettinardi Big League Chew Putter

One more little tidbit: A fun feature of Bettinardi’s Hive releases is the chance to randomly receive an extremely limited tour edition of the head cover you ordered. These chase head covers always feature the same overall release theme but are tweaked to make them unique. If you look at the group product shot above, you’ll see what I think is a clue about the chase cover.


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Do you see the mostly hidden red gum pouch? I believe that is a pouch of Slamming’ Strawberry, Big League Chew’s now starting line-up pouch of softball gum. That pouch features a softball player rather than a baseball player. I’d not be surprised if the limited-edition head cover does as well. If anyone scores the limited-edition cover, please let me know if I guessed right.

Bettinardi Big League Chew Availability and Pricing

As noted, the Bettinardi Big Leauge Chew putter will sell for $2,200. Availability begins April 2 at 10 a.m. CDT exclusively on the Bettinardi website. Other Big League Chew-themed accessories will also be available.