The Hawaiian swing of the PGA tour is both inspiring and incensing. On one hand, you see people playing golf in weather much nicer than where most folks are wintering. On the other hand, you see people playing golf in weather much nicer than where most folks are wintering.

When I teed off last week, it was 28°F.

I think that it was the coldest round that I have ever played. Had there even been the slightest bit of wind, I would definitely have taken my ball and gone home. I know, some of you are months away from seeing green grass, but that round was cold, even for chilly places, and in not-that-cold NorCal, it was an icy adventure.

Hawaii is going to look pretty perfect by comparison over the next couple of weeks…

Anyway, as the Hawaii tournaments serve to kick off the PGA season, they also herald the coming of new golf gear. Most of the new goods will be revealed at the PGA show at the end of January, but some companies, like Bettinardi, like to get their new stuff out even before that. Which brings us to the first limited run putter of the new decade…

The Bettinardi Limited Run 2020 Tiki BB8.1 putter features the classic Hawaiian trappings that have made these Tiki limited editions so popular with Bettinardi collectors. Let’s take a quick look at the island-inspired elements in the 2020 Tiki.

Bettinardi’s Limited Run 2020 Tiki BB8.1

Robert J. Bettinardi’s first Limited Run putter of the new decade is here to start the golf season! RJB crafted the 2020 Tiki from our new BB8.1 head shape, which features a floating pocket and bumpers which are slightly larger for a stellar look on his classic BB8 body. A hand-torched gold flame finish that’s as beautiful as a Hawaiian sunset pops the fancy F.I.T. Face that resembles the picturesque tides of the coastlines with intricate tribal milling along the outer neck and bumpers. The 355-gram precision-milled BB8.1 features an iconic Hawaiian Gecko engraved across the sole, a tropical pineapple on the heel of the face, and Limited Run on the inner neck. Completed in the perfect Honolulu blue and electric yellow paint scheme, the Limited Run Tiki comes paired with a matching Made in USA leather headcover and an all-new sky blue Lamkin SINK Fit countered grip.

Specs: Bettinardi Limited Run BB8.1 Tiki

  • Model: BB8.1
  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Gold Flame
  • Face Milling: Fancy F.I.T.
  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Neck: Plumbers
  • Units Produced: 350 worldwide
  • Price: $750.00
  • Release Date: 01/09/2020

Aloha Aesthetics

From the golden finish to the engraving and paint, this putter captures the glow and warmth of Hawaii. While I liked the shark-themed version of the 2019 Tiki, I did think that it was a little gloomy overall.

If a putter is going to break one out of the December doldrums, it needs to be brighter and warmer. This Tiki has much more of a beacon of coming spring feeling to me, and with that, I think that the aesthetics are a hit. I’d probably like to see more pineapple and less lizard, but I think the overall design is a good one.

Eight Point One

The 2020 Tiki BB8.1 also checks the box for different from retail head shape. The BB8.1 is like a BB8, but thicker. Since decimals and math are hard, my pet name for this putter is the BB8 Big Block. To get an idea about how big the block is, at 355 grams, this head weighs five grams more the 2019 BB8 wide.

When you look at the putter at address, it looks like a standard BB8, but when you view it from the back, you can see the expanded mass in the lower bumper region. A BB8 with bigger, blockier bumpers: BB8BB

Bettinardi Says Aloha on January 9th

If you want to pick up this golden girl, you will need to hit up your Bettinardi specialty dealers worldwide or online at on January 9th, 2020. This run is limited to 350 putters worldwide, and don’t for a second think that the $750 price tag will slow down the sellout.

Mahalo Bettinardi for kicking off the Rolling 20’s!